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Dead Set

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The dead are walking the streets and attacking the living across the UK. However, the contestants in this year's Big Brother house remain completely unaware. During their time in the house, the contestants fall victim, one by one, to the undead trying to feed on them. Will anyone survive? The five-part thriller features a number of special appearances including, the UK's Big Brother presenter, Davina McCall, and a range of previous housemates.

    Satisfy Your Zombie Lust with Dead Set

    IFC airs the UK short series about a Big Brother-style house under attack from the walking dead.


    What to Watch: November 9 - 15

    Our pick of the best TV shows on Aussie screens this week, including the 2009 Australian Masters Golf

, Top Gear: Winter Olympics Special, the premiere of British horror series Dead Set

 and the final Rove

 for 2009.

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    • Good horror

      Dead set was a really good horror but some parts of it were really boring and the series was far to short. I also love the ending as it is a twist I think most people don't expect fom movies these days, because they always think that the main characters always prevail. It looks very real and is based around big brother with the actual presentor which makes it seem even more real. Overall it is a good horror and I would recommen you try it but some parts can be boring and it is to short...moreless
    • Intense!

      The drama ups itself a notch with sleazy Patrick joining the big brother house with the others, immediately making himself "comfortable". The selfishness of his actions, such as blackmailing people to rescue him even if it meant risking their lives to do it, really makes the show more interesting. And his antics and bad mannerisms doesn't stop there; the way he mercilessly tears apart the dead bodies of the former Big Brother contestants was just absolutely gruesome. It's like he showed no compassion for the dead. A bit horrific. On the other side of the coin we have Riq and Alex making their way to the set, but Alex gets bitten. Here we see just another example of the reality that is the zombie apocalypse; people get bitten, just like that, and you have to kill them as Riq did. Damn great episode.moreless
    • this show is awesome!! i was glued to my tv for the whole time for all the episodes so far

      WOW WICKED !

      its been a while since a show actually got me to sit up straight on my couch!!

      its a grate idea and its acted really well so much better than many American shows out there well done UK its fast-paced, nerve-racking and thrilling

      good combination, it does not feel like another boring zombie movie, maybe cos its not a movie but thumbs up from me !!!

      i hope that this show is a start to many more recurring horror series as there are none yet, instead of making stuff like saw 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or friday the thirteen 456 etc etc, just make them a seasonal tv show!moreless
    • Hell yeah, I'm excited...

      This show is balls on the wall awesome. the things they get away with on television puts the US to shame. I felt that it had more kinship to the original "Dawn of the Dead" than anything else. Each episode is broken down into 5 10-minute parts. Channel 4 have done a great job making something original for a TV audience, i can honestly say i have not seen any original "horror" programming this good on TV before. Gory zombies on British telly! Charlie Brooker's genius mind! Reality TV contestants getting ripped to shreds! I eagerly anticpate this in the absence of any undead outbreak occuring on EastEnders.moreless
    • pretty good

      my teacher strongly warned me against this series...but i am so glad i didnt listen to him. it was gore galore and absolutely amazing. the make up and blood and guts was brilliant and very believable. i thought it was really sad when davina was bitten and also when the blonde lady - i forget her name - had to be killed with an axe because she was bitten trying to release the gate for the boat to go through for escape. i think that the age rate of 18 is stupidly over the top and it is amazing for anyone who loves blood and gore.moreless

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