Dead Set

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Weekdays 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2008 on E4
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Episode 1
It's eviction night and the contestants are gearing for eviction, but the rest of the world is gearing for the undead.

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  • Wow O_o what an episode! Surprised there aren't many other raving reviews for this episode, I think it's excellent from top to bottom!

    Man can those British act! From the very get go we've been treated to top notched acting. Episode did a brilliantly bloody good job of pacing itself through and through even after the outbreak. Many people think Act 1 was too slow but I thought it was perfect; really gets us acquainted with the setting at hand along with some of the characters. We were being treated to character development just about every single minute; it's said that you see a character's true colours during the midst of adversary, and behind the scenes of a reality television show is filled with stress every single second and minute that ticks away.

    Set 2 does an equally good job of continuing the pace while incorporating the whole zombie outbreak into the universe. Here we get to see everyone's true true colours, most notably the showrunner who leaves behind his own employees for dead and even baits another zombie by using a handicap to protect himself. Set 2 does a great job of building off of Set 1; the structure that Set 1 did a great job of constructing gets demolished surely but slowly, by Set 2, and we enjoy every single minute of it.

    These are what the great shows do, but somehow it one ups itself by offering us Set 3, which does an astonishing job of combining the "naive and calmness" of Set 1 with the "disaster and chaos" with Set 2. Holy crap what a way to kick off a new show. And you know what's so great about all of this? Using the cast of a purposely diverse show as its main characters so we're almost guaranteed some intense drama later in future episodes. From top to bottom this episode is just near flawless; perfect pacing, thoroughly thought out, some great characters, and some fast moving and ferocious zombies.moreless
  • Decent

    A zombie attack in the UK and a few survivors - sounds like a promising plot. And the first episode just proves that.

    It has gore, it has fast zombies (which in my opinion just adds to the tension)and it has believable characters. The Big Brother contestants are just like people in reality shows should be and the interactions between are funny, if not hilarious. The action, however, is a bit slow in the first half of the episode, with only some hints at the vicious attacks. But the second half is really fast-paced and the raid on the TV studio is brilliant, using Mika's 'Grace Kelly' in the background. All in all, it is a promising start to a hopefully wonderful series.moreless
  • A good, if slowish, start. Made me want to continue watching.

    I tried to avoid watching the previews for this as they tend to show all the best bits and leave nothing for the show. It was enough for me that there were zombies in it.

    It was slow starting up but I think that may be my bias, as I could easily have done without the cameo spots from past BBers. I couldn't work out whether they were there because they usually turn up for the eviction nights (so were written in for authenticity) or if they were there to underline the fact that it was supposed to be the BB house. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would have enjoyed seeing them being savaged, unfortunately it wasn't to be. Davina made up for it though. She makes a fearsome zombie and just the idea of a zombie Davina makes me LOL. Luckily this show didn't need it's audience to know much about BB, beyond the basic facts that it's a bunch of strangers living in a house with cameras. There are no "in" jokes, so it's accessible to everyone. Personally I think it would appeal to anyone who's ever disliked BB just as much as those who enjoy BB. If only to cheer when Davina is turned.moreless
  • Great, a bit slow at the beginning but well worth staying up to watch.

    Fisrt of all I must say that when I saw Ziggy in it I did kind of hope he was going to get bitten. Just my opinion. This a ok show its something I enjoy watching but its not one of my favourite shows, I did enjoy the view of behind the scenes and the fact that Davina doesn't look that bad as a Zombie, I mean some of the zombies you would just run away at their features.

    Although I did not enjoy how long it took to get going, I would have prefered to have seen a Zombie rips someone's head off at the beginning.

    My favourite character had to be Grayson, he's just so funny.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • There is a very strong language and scenes of horror which some viewers may find disturbing warning at the start of the episode. The commentator adds to this by saying It's best suited to wide screen viewing, surround sound and should be watched in a darkened room.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Space: Something is wrong!
      Veronica: What?
      Space: No mics, no alarms and the cameras ain't moving. Big Brother ain't watching us!

    • Marky: So did they give you a specific instruction or have you been told to just come in here and act weird?
      Kelly: I'm not acting. I work here.
      Marky: What as? A window cleaner?
      Kelly: Something's happening... some sort of outbreak...
      Marky: Oh, here we go...
      Space: Just let her talk!
      Marky: Alright!
      Kelly: People get this thing... and...
      Grayson: Thing?
      Kelly: They wanna kill you and... they change...
      Marky: And then their bums fall off?
      Space: What do you mean with they change?
      Kelly: I don't know... they're... dead...
      Grayson: Dead?

    • Kelly: (teaching the others how to kill the zombies) In the head. You gotta get them in the head.

    • Pippa: (Looking at a zombie) Is that Davina?
      Patrick: Sort of...

  • NOTES (6)

    • Original International Airdates:
      - Spain: July 25, 2009 on Canal +
      - South Africa: September 3, 2009 on Dstv BBC Entertainment
      - France: October 17, 2009 on Cinecinema Frisson
      - Poland: October 28, 2009 on BBC Entertainment
      - Australia: November 9, 2009 on SBS One

    • Featured Music:
      "Wearing My Rolex" by Wiley
      "Grace Kelly" by Mika
      "Something Kinda Ooooh" by Girls Aloud

    • In 2009, the show was nominated for Best Drama Series at the BAFTA Awards.

    • The house featured in Dead Set is a purpose built set on a former military base in Virginia Water

    • Pippa's fake eviction was filmed on the same night as Belinda's eviction from Big Brother 9. All of the studio audience featured in Pippa's eviction are members from Belinda's. The extended eviction, which wasn't shown in the actual program was cut down shorter, to hide shots of the BB9 eye logo and signs held by the audience about BB9 housemates.

    • Episode 1 is 70 minutes long.


    • Dead Set contains several allusions to other zombie films, most notably George A. Romero's "Living Dead" series:
      - Marky taunts Grayson by calling him Barbara, one of the central characters in Night of the Living Dead (1968). - When Kelly takes refuge in the Big Brother house and informs the contestants of the zombie infestation, Marky directly quotes the line They're coming to get you, Barbara! that opened Romero's film.