Dead Set

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Weekdays 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on E4

Episode Recap

This episode begins with a quick recap of the last episode. After the events of the last episode, the housemates start to panic, Joplin starts to try and make his way outside when Kelly stops him and tells him that he is better staying indoors, Space asks how bad it is and the housemates make their way up to the roof. The housemates see the devastation, Kelly then spots her old friend Claire, who she had spoken to the day before, now eating a man's stomach.

Riq is still alive and wakes up on the train station bench, he starts making his way to the road when he is spotted by a zombie, he starts running and manages to run into a shop and barricade the door. Patrick and Pippa are still trapped in the VIP room and Davina is smacking the door trying to get in to kill them. Patrick and Pippa start to argue and then Patrick starts on the champagne.

Riq is still taking shelter in the shop and is reading a paper, while telling the zombie to go away, we see a car pull up and a woman get out, the woman fires a gun and splatters the zombie's brain all over the glass. She fires at Riq and he reassures him that he is normal, she shouts at him to gather some supplies and get a move on, we then see Riq now travelling with Alex.

Back at the house the housemates start to slump in a depressive state, Grayson is still caring for Angel who leg is still bleeding. On the roof Space and Kelly are smoking, Space says he is short on cigarettes and Kelly tells him that she knows he has 60 cigarettes under the bed. He was saving them for a special occasion.
Alex and Riq are planning to travel to the nearest coast when Alex's car breaks down, when Riq lifts the bonnet to try fix it there is an array of flesh, blood and bone. Alex says that she hit a Zombie earlier and had to shoot her best friend, a zombie then comes over the hill and runs at Alex and Riq, Alex shoots the zombie in the head.

Davina is still outside the VIP room vying for the flesh of Pippa and Patrick, Patrick is still drinking Champagne while Pippa tries to sleep.

At the house Angel's leg is bleeding still, and while the house is still in a state of shock Kelly cleans up the Zombie brain residue and pulls the corpse out in the hallway. Riq and Alex are still stranded and another Zombie runs toward them, she shoots it in the head.

At the house Angel starts to go into shock, the housemates deliberate what to do with Angel, Kelly asks Grayson if can he keep her alive, he says he needs a lot more than a first aid kit, they movie Angel to the greenhouse outside.
Alex and Riq are still stranded when a large group of hungry zombies rush at them, they run towards a cottage house and only just manage to jump over the gate in time. They enter the house and Alex only has one bullet left, the house seems to have no-one inside. Marky acknowledges it was his fault Angel was bitten, Kelly tells them that there is a chemist in a supermarket less than a mile away. Kelly has the keys to the van and the group starts to make a plan, before Kelly leaves she gives a pair of scissors to Grayson and tells him if they're not back in time - to kill Angel. While Blondie and Joplin bang pans to attract the attention of the Zombies, Kelly, Spacey and Marky run outside but Marky has to shut the gate. Spacey and Kelly get to the van but Zombie Claire spots Marky and starts running at him, he runs towards the van and jumps in, he lands on a sharp object and cuts his arm, the object already had blood on it, is it infected blood?

The van drives away with Claire still in chase. The episode ends.
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