Dead Set

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Weekdays 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on E4

Episode Recap

Kelly, Marky and Space reach the supermarket in safety, being cautious Kelly searches around and finds no zombies. At the country house Riq and Alex turn on the television and radio for any sign of life outside their walls, Riq sees that the Big Brother house is still live on the television and Alex hears a foreign language being spoken on the radio.

Space sees a police car and hails them down only to be held at gunpoint, the officers ask him what he is doing and he tells them that he is getting supplies.
One of the officers recognises Space as a contestant of Big Brother, but continues to hold him at gunpoint.

The officers let Space off with a warning as they are scared. Space tells them that if they want they can come to the Big Brother house for sanctuary.
In the supermarket Kelly is gathering medical supplies while Marky gathers food, he gathers microwave chips and says that either way they will last. Marky accidentally drops the crowbar alarming some Zombies nearby who start to run at them, they run outside where the Police shoot at them. One of the officers is overrun and is bitten on the cheek a little. When the Zombies are all taken care of the bitten officer gets up but when his fellow officer realises he�s been infected he shoots him dead.

The policeman then spots Marky's cut on his arm, he points the gun at Marky and says that he will shoot him, realising the situation Kelly makes her way to the dead officer�s 9mm.

Back at the house Joplin is being a pervert and watching Veronica (Blondie) shower, she knows he is there and tells him he is a perv, Outside Grayson is still looking after a very ill Angel as he's trying to reassure her she stops breathing. Grayson, knowing that she might turn, picks up some scissors and tries to kill Angel but can't do it, moments later Angel returns from the dead as a zombie.

At the supermarket Kelly shoots the officer in the leg as he continues to point the gun at Marky. More Zombies arrive and the group leaves the officer to be eaten as they get in the van and drive away. Back at the house Joplin washes his hands, as Veronica comes in she sees Grayson coming out of the greenhouse with half his throat bit off, Veronica runs outside to help him but Angel attacks her, Veronica manages to fend her off and throws her into a pool where she writhes, unable to get out. Veronica tries to stop Grayson�s bleeding but is unable to and he dies.

Moments later Grayson comes back as a Zombie and tries to attack Joplin and Veronica, they run inside the house and shut the door, leaving Grayson outside vying for their flesh. Back in the VIP room after bingeing on horrid snacks and champagne, Patrick attempts to get to the toilet across the hall but Zombie Davina stops him and he returns to the room, he has to take a dump and does it in a rubbish bin to the much disgust off Pippa.

Veronica and Joplin make a plan to take out Grayson realising that the group will be back soon and they need the garden clear. The group arrives back from the supermarket and realising how many Zombies will come decide to shut the main gate, Kelly runs out and shuts the gate but a Zombie spots her, Spacey gears the van and rams into the Zombie, Kelly runs back to the van. Joplin and Veronica decide to pin the Zombie down and stab him through the head, they open the door and Joplin throws a sheet over him and wrestles him to the ground. Veronica then stabs Grayson through the head, the knife gets stuck ad she twists it round.

The group returns to the house and spot Angel in the pool and Grayson dead, realising that Angel can't get out Kelly says that as long as they are smarter they'll stay alive, she then shoots Angel in the head.
Everyone makes their way to the house.

Alex and Riq are talking when they spot people on the screen on the live feed of Big Brother, Kelly then walks into view and Riq jumps happily at the fact he's 3 year girlfriend is still alive, as Riq is celebrating Alex has a lost expression on her face. Kelly walks out of view. The episode ends.

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