Dead Tenants

Thursday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Oct 13, 2005 Between Seasons


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Dead Tenants

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Do you ever hear a rustling in the attic, scratching in the walls, or creaking on the stairs? It might not be just your imagination…..your house could be haunted! ‘Dead Tenants’ sends the ghostbusters in to help families to confront the spirits of the deceased that will not give up their residence.

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Season 1 : Episode 5

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  • This is so BAD.

    This is the WORST paranormal show I have EVER seen in my life! There is no footage of any ghosts, and besides, ANYBODY can go and do research on an old house or place or whatever, and then just pretend they "felt" it through the house. Especially the fat lady, she is the most fake of them all, with all that bs about "O, the children, the fire, the pain". WHATEVER!!! And then by coincidence there where children burnt in a fire, all over the news and news papers a few years ago. Anybody could do that s#$t with enough research. Come on people, get real. And then after that, she pretends the the ghost or spirits has to leave the place through her, because she's probably blocking the f$%#ing portal with her fat ass. I will never watch this crap again!moreless
  • Concerned that the entity in the Nov 3rd show didn't leave.

    It is wonderfull to see that their are people out there willing to help others in this area of being tormented by entitys. My greatest concern though, is that in most cases the problem is never solved completely. Yes there may be tempory relief, but there is never total relief. It has been my experience that the only way total relief is seen and experienced is through the use of the anointing that comes from God. Any other form of help is only temporary. I have experienced much of what these people did in the Nov 3rd 2005, episode and until I recieved help from God and through learned exorcists I never had complete relief from these sort of attacks. I know now that it is only done successfully through those who cary the anointing of God. I would really like to see these people freed of this, and Bob Larson is well known for giving total success in this area. I have also participated in cleansings and again, it can only be totally effective with the anointing of God, using the Name Of Jesus. If those who are attempting to help are not operating with this type of spiritual backup, it is most always futile. I can't stress enough how dangerous it even is for those who attempt it without this spiritual backup. The anointing breaks the yoke! It is only accomplished through the anointing and invoking the Name of Jesus. If those attempting to do this do not have this spiritual authority over evil, they simply will fail. It will seem to work, but the end result is usually worse!moreless
  • Dead Tenants has just the right balance of historical facts and frightening occurances

    Dead Tenants grabs you from the beginning of the show and holds you right til the end. The historical information provided by Ken Roginski was gripping and tied into the shows premise with accuracy and believability. I was left with a feeling of not wanting the show to end. Dead Tenants leaves you in anticipation of the next episode. I will certainly be watching this new series on TLC.

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