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Kevin Pacalioglu is a medium for hire who can interact with ghosts to help solve their various problems.

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  • Insipid drivel

    I feel sorry for Tyler Labine because the concept of the show is good, but the writing is just terrible. Copious but senseless use of swear words do nothing but make the show seem uncultured, and add nothing to the lacking quantity of humor. The story lines seem very disjointed and most of the characters appear decidedly one-dimensional and unappealing. What a stinker!
  • Episode guide 1-5

    This show is amazingly funny, a lot better than I expected.

    Episode 1, Kevin is a deadbeat, his only talent is that he can see ghosts! He meets a ghost who died in the war and his wish is that he can sleep with his girlfriend before he can cross over, and he wants to possess Kevin to do the deed. Kevin also meets a famous TV medium who turns out to be a fake.

    Episode 2, Kevin helps a ghost convince a (non pork eating) rabbi to enter a hotdog eating competition.

    Episode 3, Kevin helps a ghost bootlegger find his missing film and gets captured by the Swedish mafia!

    Episode 4, Kevin tries to rid a comedy club of it's stand up ghost, get's tricked by the devious Camomile and adopts a new pet ghost blob with an amazing appetite!

    Episode 5, Kevin helps a dead model get a makeover.moreless
  • Not bad

    but would have been a whole lot better if they raised the main character's 'dumb level' some, it's just a little too retarted. Who talks a bunch of gangsters into killing him instead of option B, whatever that may be, seriously, just too dumb.


    7 Episodes in (I binge watch) and it just brings to mind how disgusted I am with TV/Movie writers these days. Seems it's Impossible to create a drama or situation or storyline for an episode without banking on main character stupidity.

    The show idea and actors showed some potential with this concept, but it's just ruined by extreme stupidity. You can literally watch classic loony tunes and find characters with bigger brains, and it's just plain fucking tiresome.

    When did being stupid, not making sense, and living in your own world become 'cool?'moreless
  • Funny!

    Love the show

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