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AIRED ON 7/19/2016

Season 12 : Episode 18

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The Bering Sea holds the secret to Alaskan Gold, the highly lucrative and elusive…King Crab. With a new set of rules to abide by the ships and the crews will have new deadlines, more stress, and more dangerous conditions. With forty-foot waves, 700 pound crab pots, freezing temperatures and your mortality staring you in the face…this job ranks as one of the deadliest. Any time spent of the Bering Sea is dangerous, we watch crews race to meet their quota and make it home safely.


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  • Mike Rowe

    Mike Rowe


    Peter Liske

    Peter Liske

    Lady Alaska, Captain

    Mizrain Rodrieguez

    Mizrain Rodrieguez

    Retriever, Deckhand

    Daher Jorge

    Daher Jorge

    Retriever, Deckhand

    John Lamar

    John Lamar

    Retriever, Engineer

    Shaun Miles

    Shaun Miles

    Vixen, Captain

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    • Wild Bill is an Arse

      Wild Bill if you ever smacked me across the head like that I would kick you in the nether regions and drop you on your ass. That was despicable to put green horns on watch duty. I felt like you set them up for failure just so you could abuse them. You have always been the one captain I have never liked!
    • wizard

      maybe keith needs to look at himself to see how much of an ass he is.

      sorry he lost his wife, but maybe his attitude was the same at home.

      new crew every year, get a clue
    • Jake & his whining .... am I watching Deadliest catch or Whiney diva babies on housewives of NJ

      Jake and his hissy fits big baby. Had he taken the disappointments like a man, it might have earned him the confidence and reasurrance from Sig rather than whining me Daddy to Sig holding him up from leaving port. AND he just had a kid. Nobody on the face of the earth cares about what him or anyone else DREAMS of doing. Its the working for it and taking your lumps as you go. We liked Jake, he weathered some tough stuff his first years on the boats. Now grow a bit of manhood if you wanna sit in the big boy chair. Once a big wave hits or steering goes out, nobody will be around to change his crybaby diapers. Thank GOD Elliott is off. Open sea, rationalized fishing or not, is no place for an active addict and the chicks he picks up in a bar.moreless
    • Season finale was terrific

      I loved the season finale, everyone did great despite the adversity they faced. I'm happy for Jake and Josh coming into their own, I didn't want the show to be over. We also love the bait, great preview of the show, plus we can see that everyone is safe even at the end of the season.

      This is by far the best reality show on TV. We rate it a perfect 10.moreless
    • SEASON 11 Continues

      REVIEW FOR EPISODE 5/26/2015: EPISODE: Heavy Lies. TIME BANDIT. With 3 rookies on the boat, tempers sometimes come to the surface. With a 14 day trip before off loading, dead loss was expected. And, they lost $48,000+. But they did manage of make more than $1,000,000 for the boat. CORNELLIA MARIE. Josh is getting big headed. Not willing to listen to anyone. And, the crew knows this with the lousy showing they are having. You can be a boat owner, but the learning curve in not just one season. NORTHWESTERN. On the honey hole. Tanks are full when JAKE has a hissy fit. Thinking he is the world's best captain, he stomps off the dick when he is told to fix a damaged hose. Sig finally let him sit in the captains seal for a run. Bit mistake. JAKE WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS DEGAR. REVIEW FOR EPISODE 5/19/2015: EPISODE: Elliott Neese bids Farewell. The SAGA is under duress and as Elliott continues to spiro down the dark hold of addictions. The relief captain is trying to keep the boat going. But bad crab count and ongoing conflict between the crew and Elliott almost causes a serious accident. Finally, at port for their off load, Elliott leaves to who know where to do who know what. NORTHWESTERN. Sig jokes about Jakes upcoming fatherhood. As a view, who cares about this? It has nothing to do with the theme of this show. Jake is running the hydro's with a tangled pot comes up. His lack of attention causes damage to the boom. But he has on the boat. For real, Jake will NEVER be as good as Edgar. WIZARD. Keith has to get thing straight with the crew and the injured crew men. The meeting is short and to the point. The boat is stuffed and heads for port. CORNELIA MARIE. Josh is in port for his first king craw offload. Keith visits and notes the poor conditions of the deck. He points this out to Josh. He urges Josh to fish Bairdi, but Josh want to stick with king crab. Keith ever offers to tell him were to fish. But, Josh will not hear anything of it. I hope his lax attitude will not be the down fall of this boat. Sometimes you do need help getting going. REVIEW FOR EPISODE 5/12/2015: EPISODE: Super Typhoon Part 2. CORNELIA MARIE. Josh get has first real challenge with the fleet fighting through a super typhoon. Monster waver and wind. He finally gives up the seat to his trainer and lights up cigarette after cigarette after cigarette. On dick, the crab counts in miserable. Finally, safety takes precedence over fishing and they head for cover. NORTHWESTERN: With Edgar our sick, the ship has to rely on Jake to be Mr. Fix It. They lose steering and with some luck, Mr. Fix It finds the problem. Like the Cornelia Marie, Sig finally shuts down and heads for cover. WIZZARD: Keith keeps pounding the boat and crew as they are cramming the tanks. Finally, the ship is full. SAGA: Captain Elliott is not shaken his drug demon so the First Mate takes the helm and Elliott goes on deck. Stumbling and bumbling on the deck is not helping the crew. Time will tell. REVIEW FOR EPISODE 5/5/2015: EPISODE: Super Typhoon. Part 1. On the NORTHWESTERN, everything as usual. Hard work and good grab. CAPE CAUTION. On the crab, but hoping to beat the typhoon. The boat is full, heads to safe harbor. WIZARD. They are still on the crab, but Keith is not happy with one crew member that was injured, but not caring his weight. He was made arrangement for a replacement, but needs him on the boat now. He calls the SAGA and asks Elliott if he could bring the new troop out to him. Elliott agrees. SAGA. In the process of making a transfer of the new crew man for the WIZARD, one of his crew men breaks his arm. The transfer finally is accomplished, but now what will Elliott do with his injured crew man. REVIEW FOR EPISODE 4/28/2015: EPISODE: The Ultimatum. SAGA: Typical Elliott. Thinking he is a great captain. Considering his past, he is lucky to still be on a boat. NORTHWESTERN: Sig wants to get Edgar for snow crab. Medically, Edgar has some bad discs in his back. All Sig is concerned about is can he still make it back for snow crab season. Let's see Sig work the dick for 10 or 20 years and see what physical condition he is in. CORNELIA MARIE: After 3 weeks delay for a broken this and that, Josh finally get the boat fishing, or you could call it pulling empty pots. A move suggested by his training captain finally put him on the king crab. WIZARD: A crew member is injured and is off the deck for a while. All you hear is bitching and a lot waa waa. Keith finally lays down the law. Work or pack your bags. REVIEW FOR EPISODE 4/21/2015: EPISODE: Prodigal Son. This episode starts with the attempt to get the CORNELIA MARIE away from the dock. After sitting for several days because one part didn't arrive, the bug blue craft finally fires up and creeps away from the dock. But, not more than a mile later, oops, the alarm goes off. Locally, just a loose nut. Finally, let's go fishing. WIZZARD. Crab, crab and more crab. NORTHWESTERN. Edgar finally tells Sig about his back problems. Waa waa was Sig's response. One good thing about this boat is the quality of the crew, with one exception. Jake, the wanta be captain. I would like to see Sig work the deck for 5 or 6 years like Edgar has done. TIMEBANDIT. For one, Jonathan is happy with another ship's captain. Keith on the WIZARD gave the bandit the word where the crabs were. Keith was right. REVIEW FOR EPISODE 4/14/2015: EPISODE: Lost in Translation. Before Season Starts. To start, I can't believe Sig and Edgar would become soft criminals in stealing the Cape Caution as a joke. This is not the quality we expect from them. Wild Bill should have called the Coast Guard. And then there was Jake Anderson, the wanta be god's gift to crab fleet. He is a deck hand at best, no better. NORTHWESTERN: Strikes out by themselves; hits the jack pot and drives the crew for days until they are discovered. TIME BANDIT: Johnathan: What can we say about him? It is hard to understand what side he is on. The good guy who will help someone in distress or the bad guy who will attack a fellow captain. He did start out on new grounds but just enough king crab for a small dinner. SAGA: Nothing has changed. In theory, Elliott, went though treatment. In reality, he is still the Elliott of past season. Complain, complain, complain. AND, lazy! CAPE CAUTION: Wild Bill is still Wild Bill. Complains when one of his motors breaks down and is not fixed in a flash. Why didn't he do it? He did hit a hop spot, but mother nature hit him with vengeance. WIZARD: Keith started out the season on a bad note. A partner boat that he had worked with for years with his own way and took 40% if his king crab allocation. And, when he found a hot spot, the other boat showed up, trying to horn in on this spot. Fortunately, the Time Bandit came and help Keith defend his area. CORNELIA MARIE: After being out of the fleet for several years after the captain's death and Josh being the boat back last season, hopes were for a good start this season. But, the boat didn't even make it to Dutch Harbor, breaking down enroute. A week's delay and still not all the parts arrived. Good start for some and bad start for others.moreless

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