Deadliest Catch

Season 6 Episode 2

Breaking 'Em In

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2010 on Discovery Channel



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    • Edgar Hansen: Especially being part owner, son of a pioneer of the industry, growing up in it, okay it what we are going to do we stuck, we don't have a choice, while we do have a choice. I don't know when, where, it going to happen, it going happen soon. You know the day, I am going to walk away. People that are close to me think I am next in line to run the this thing, they don't know jack shit. These guys [Edgar's family] need me more than I need to be here. I realize what is important and sure ain't hell a crab pot. It this (Edgar holds up a picture of his daughter), if that (holds a picture of him having fun with his family), and that (holds up a picture of youngest child), and that (holds up a picture of him with his wife). That's what matters. (Edgar turns his head away from the camera

    • Sig Hansen: (On Edgar) If one guy can't see his own faults, you got a problem. IF the other guy has to turn his back on it and let it go, pretty soon he won't let it go. Pretty soon all of these priorities just go down by the way side.

    • Edgar Hansen: (On the fighting with his brother, Sig) Every year that goes by it gets worst and I am at that point where I realizes that I can't continue doing this. That's not an aspiration for me, everybody expects me to be next in the line to run the boat, but...(understandable). I know that I can do, of course I can do it, its in my blood, it is in my genes, it what I was made for.

    • Bill Wichrowski: (On fishing for the first time in five years) Guess I am excited, I'm shaking and it ain't the coffee

    • John Hillstrand: What I like about a day like today is that it kept it just exciting enough to let you know that you are alive with the wind in your face.

    • Keith Colburn: Constantly full is what we are looking for, but constantly will do.

    • Phil Harris: (On the uncommon good fishing on the first trip) Well the sunshine shine on a dog's ass every once in a while, so I guess its my turn.

    • Freddy Maugatai: (after eating the raw cod fish) It taste like tuna fish.

    • Phil Harris: If anybody tells you they know what king crab are doing, they are full of shit. Because it is a hard crab to catch.

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