Deadliest Catch

Season 6 Episode 2

Breaking 'Em In

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2010 on Discovery Channel



  • Quotes

    • Edgar Hansen: Especially being part owner, son of a pioneer of the industry, growing up in it, okay it what we are going to do we stuck, we don't have a choice, while we do have a choice. I don't know when, where, it going to happen, it going happen soon. You know the day, I am going to walk away. People that are close to me think I am next in line to run the this thing, they don't know jack shit. These guys [Edgar's family] need me more than I need to be here. I realize what is important and sure ain't hell a crab pot. It this (Edgar holds up a picture of his daughter), if that (holds a picture of him having fun with his family), and that (holds up a picture of youngest child), and that (holds up a picture of him with his wife). That's what matters. (Edgar turns his head away from the camera