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Deadliest Catch

Season 2 Episode 12

Cashing In

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2006 on Discovery Channel
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Episode Summary

The end of the Opilio season is upon the fleet, and crews push hard to bring in the last of the crab. With the crab tanks full, the next task is to make it back to port…in one piece.

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  • Was a pretty good episode. Hope to watch it again. Most of what I said is in the review.

    I have seen the King Crab season but I have only seen part of the Opelia crab season and I am hoping to see the rest later on in repeats. I thought this episode was a really good touch, with at the end how they show how important family really is to the crew of the Northwestern. I can\\\\\\\'t wait till the next season comes on.

    I love this series and I would love to go and be on one of those boats for a season. It seems so cool but I am sure that it is harder than what they show it is in the show.

  • It’s the second season finale of Deadliest Catch.

    It’s the second season finale of Deadliest Catch, and unlike the first season of last year “The Final Run”, we had no clue that the show that we all fell in love with, would be back for a second run, we all know that this series will be back for a third run at the crabs. The only uncertain thing is that we don’t know if the five featured boats that we all come to love or hate, in the short twelve episode series, we were basically saying good-bye to a friend that is going on a long vacation. We know that they will be back, but we don’t know if they will be back as the same as they were when they left us. I hope that all of the five, six if you count the briefly featured Aleutian Ballad , will come back in the new season. To entertain us in their various different ways, from the Time Bandit’s pushing the boundaries, to Rollo’s quirkiest and to refusal to follow the crowd, to the Cornelia Marie’s thought love approach, to the Maverick’s dysfunctional functional family and to the Northwestern’s fun loving attitude toward things. All in all the second season of this show is much better than last year, and I think it might because they producers cut down the number of featured boats from 10 to 5. A move, I think allowed more time to be spent on these boats and allowed the viewer to get to know these crews a little better than before.

    While “Cashing In”, didn’t have the same sense of finally as the “The Final Run” did, its not saying that this episode wasn’t a bad one. Because it wasn’t, it’s always fun to see how the featured boats did at the end of the season, despite all of the hardship that these crews must face to earn a living and now in this season the weather didn’t help them one square bit, unlike what happen in the pervious season where the sea was an ally to them. Even, with all of these hardship, a good majority of them kept a positive attitude when regards to this. A good example is Captain Andy of the Time Bandit, even if his gamble didn’t paid off, like when happen with his brother did in the Red King Crab season, he still kept a good outlook on things. Another thing that I like where the two fishermen bets that were on the Cornelia Marie and Northwestern , both of them were funny and in both times the captain of the particular boats won their particular bets. Especially the one with Sig and Northwestern, where the entire crew had a pool with each other, to see who would guest the right amount of crab that they pull in and it happened to be Sig who won the bet. Seeing this, I think Sig should have another title “The Crab Whisper”, for he seems to know where the huge schools of crab at and the right amount of crab that his boat has pull up from the ocean.

    Also the suggestion box that was brought at in last week episode, had some pretty funny suggestions, but Sig should of known that he was going to get them, because of the liberty that he give to them when saying that they would be kept to himself and the person that had suggested it. I found that some of them like the autograph and the breakfast suggestions were darn right funny, but I found that the one that suggest that they should stop with the film crew a little reveling about how some of the his crew don‘t like the TV crew being there. Its makes me wonder if the Northwestern won’t be back for a third season with this show.

    Another thing I have to said about this season, is the fact that how, I am slowly becoming a fan of the Northwestern, with all of the practical jokes that they play on each other and on other boats, but the Rollo is still the one that I like the most, a boat in the last season I didn’t really enjoy watching. It might be the fact that they were the top performer of last year and I am kind of person that will be a fan of the underdog. The boats that have two strikes against them already.

    As I said in “Friends and Rivals” review, I am so glad that all of the boats and their crews made back to their home ports safely. Speaking of returning to their home ports, I really did enjoy seeing the Northwestern come back to home to a hero welcome. Especially seeing Edgar kissing his wife and holding his newborn son that was born during the Cod fish season, acting so gentle with them. It is a major contrast to the tough as nail fishermen that he plays when he is version of the office. While, I did like seeing it, I would like to seen it with the other boats return to their home ports to same type of hero welcome that the Northwestern crew did.moreless
Andy Hillstrand

Andy Hillstrand

Time Bandit, Co-Captain, Deckhand

Bryan Greer

Bryan Greer

Rollo, Engineer

Christian Kirk

Christian Kirk

Rollo, Deckhand

Corey Arnold

Corey Arnold

Rollo, Deckhand

Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert

Cornelia Marie, Deckhand

Donna Quashnick

Donna Quashnick

Maverick, Co-Captain

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    • The Wizard briefly makes its debut as one of the boats docked in Seattle as the Northwestern returns home at the end of the season.

    • This episode of Deadliest Catch hauled in 2.8 million viewers.

    • The Final Results for Opilio Crab and Cod Fish

      The Time Bandit, $215,000 worth of Opilio Crab, $12,000 per deckhand.
      The Maverick,, $234,000 worth of Opilio Crab, $10,500 per deckhand.
      The Cornelia Marie, $528,000 worth of Opilio Crab, $26,500 per deckhand.
      The Rollo, $370,000 worth of Opilio Crab, $21,000 per deckhand.
      The Northwesern, $660,000 worth of Cod Fish and Opilio Crab, $30,000 per deckhand for Opilio, and $15,000 per deckhand for Cod Fish. For a grand total of $45,000 per deckhand.

    • The Crab/Cod Count
      The Cornelia Marie: 730,000 pounds
      The Northwestern: 550,000 pounds of opis, 766,000 pounds of cod fish
      The Rollo: 320,000 pounds
      The Maverick: 260,000 pounds
      The Time Bandit: 215,000 pounds

    • In the crab total board, the Northwestern's cod fish total is finally displayed.


    • Phil Harris: This ice right here isn't any different than what the Titanic smacked into. It just slices the hulls of boats open.

      This is direct reference to the RMS Titanic, which sunk on April 15 1912 lost after colliding with an iceberg, taking 1,522 passengers with her.