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Deadliest Catch: Guidlines

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    Welcome to Deadliest Catch forum

    My goal for you is to have fun posting at and having good discussions about the episodes the as well. In the sameway that the former editor did.

    Copyright Material

    Please do not post synopsis from other web sites. Please make a synopsis in your own words. This will make me much happier and not have to reject your submission. If you are including the boat's name, please put them in ltalics as this is proper formating.

    Please be aware that posting promotional stills and links to copyrighted material such as Youtube is considered a violation of the terms of service.

    Different Submissions


    Notes should deal that with the production of the show. Music in the show is also note. Also this is where the crab count will be put as well and this will also include the final total as well at the end of each season.


    Trivia should be something that is unknown at the time of the episode, or a goof. Snice this series airs international, and international versions to seem to have different footage then the US version, this is also where that information would be put there as well.


    TV.com likes quotes this way

    Phil: Welcome to hell.

    Also in quotes, if it is required, you need to mention an action or them refering to something to make the quote more understandable, please indicate that as well.


    Greg Moncrief: (on his wife) You can tell a Norwegian...you just can't tell'em anything.


    Allusions can be a song, episode title or something that is said in a quote. Please include as much detail as possible.

    Adding a new episode for a current season or a NEW season

    New episode guidlines


    When you make a submission please put something in comment box so I will know what to do with it. If you adding a new episode please include a source that shows where you got the title and possible airdate. Discovery's website is a great place to start.

    If you find episodes for the new season please wait to add it until the network says when the season will start.

    If you wish to post Fan fiction please put a link to it in our fan fiction thread.

    Also if you what to talk about the episodes please post that in correct thread that I will start. Be mindfull of other users that might on the West Coast or are oversea viewers and post a spolier warring.

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