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Offical topic for "Big Weather, Big Trouble"

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    Here is the offical topic for the Deadliest Catch episode "Big Weather, Big Trouble":

    "On the Time Bandit, Capt. Johnathan joins the deck crew and promptly has an injuriy while showing off his deck skills. The Northwestern crew is irritating Capt. Sig. Lenny from Wizard barely escapes a huge wave. The North American greenhorn is hazed. "

    Also, I will allow the talking about the season peimere of the 2nd season of "After the Catch" Legends in here as well.

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    Like I said in the Deadliest Forums; seeing Jonathan on deck during the previews made me very nervous and I definately saw why. Not that he's incapable... I actually think he's a very hands-on, hard working person but he can be like a 10 year old kid and that goes with showing off. When I saw him with the grappling hook I definately good a bad feeling seeing it but when it jumped back at him and hit him in the face... I laughed so hard. Mostly because he was laughing 'cause I knew it wasn't and because Russ was making fun of him. I was so glad he went back on deck afterwards that is what I was hoping he would do to help his crew. Way to go Jonathan! I hope Andy can get all those crab to the processors okay.

    Jake nearly getting clobbered by the pot reminded me of Edgar getting the hook on the head. I'm glad that turned out okay but hearing Nick's dream made me nervous. S-D Sig is back at it again. It always makes it that much harder to watch the crew when they are overworked and miserable.

    Ah, Phil and Jake back at it again. I don't see Jake taking the helm of the boat as captain in the far future... I would much rather see Josh there. Jake pisses me off sometimes because he can try to act smooth and say whatever he thinks will get him off the hook.

    Next week's previews make me scared for Phil and even more scared for the poor camera guy... especially with the "line" he's stepped on. It's like watching a nature show where you're begging the nature host to step in and help a defenseless animal that's suffering and you're sure they are debating what to do but you know they won't step in because it's the rules of nature.

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    I am glad the camera guy was there. At least he was willingly to set his camera down and help Phil could you have imagine this guy just continuing to flim Phil in the wheelhouse with him having problems like that despite the fact he does continue to film once they are in his bedroom. Phil is gonna have a heart-attack with his son Jake. I think the next time they are in port send the boy home and keep Josh. I am glad Jonathan was alright and didn't really need stitches. I cringed when i saw that happen but it could have been alot worse. You know it nice to see a captain get off his butt and actually go help the crew at times. The other Jake the "greenhorn" i was oh chit when i saw the pot come at him. At least the guys got an adrenaline rush to help get it off him considering how tired they were.
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