Deadliest Catch

Season 4 Episode 1

Get 'Em Back Safe!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2008 on Discovery Channel



  • Trivia

    • Editing Goof:In the pan-out of the exterior of the bar man and kid in the shot are walking backward.

  • Quotes

    • Andy Hillstrand: (There is a truck on board the ship that will be used to prank Captain Phil on the Cornelia Marie later on in the season that is in the way) Normally I would walk through the alleyway, but I have a truck in the way.

    • Johnathon Hillstrand: We can pretty much fish through anything that God can throw at us out here.

    • Sig Hansen: (On Jake Anderson's phone call that cause him to almost miss the boat) That would have been an expensive piece of ass!

    • Keith Colburn: A messure of a good season is getting everybody back safe.

    • Monte Colburn: (on his brother's Keith's routine) It is quirky or creepy?

    • Neil Hillstrand: (After the truck was put down) That was sometype of parallel parking.

    • Phil Harris: (On Jake's new flat screen) Now, you know why lions eat their young.

  • Notes

    • On the DVD box set, the episodes of the 2nd season of "After Catch" on it.

    • Just like season, the captains most the boats make a bet totaling $900.00 for the best string which they dubbed the "Captain's String". The Early Dawn and the North American weren't included in this bet.

    • This season's chase boat was the Sea Star, last seen back in season one as the season's chase boat.

    • In the European edition of this episode feature an added extra scene that elaborated a bit on Keith's cup-o-noodles stress.
      He was apparently so desperate, that he called another ship, the Atlantico,if they had some cup-o-noodles for him. They said yes, asked if he wanted beef or chicken flavor. So they put some in a bag and it went overboard with a buoy. Crosby hauled it in, saying something like "I can't believe this, ships exchanging cup-o-noodles in mid ocean. That's the first time for me, and I do hope the last."
      Gary opened the bag and discovered they were not cup-o-noodles but bowl-o-noodles. "This doesn't help us."
      Keith: "Oriental bowl-o-noodles...that ain't gonna work!"

    • International air dates:
      Canada: May 6, 2008
      UK: May 6, 2008
      Australia: July 16, 2008
      New Zealand: July 16, 2008
      Norway: September 2, 2008
      Demark: September 2, 2008
      Sweden: September 2, 2008
      Netherlands: September 2, 2008

    • Crab Count:
      The Cornelia Marie: 0
      The North America: 0
      The Northwestern: 0
      The Time Bandit: 0
      The Wizard: 0

    • Music:
      "The Sound of My Voice" by John Heintz

    • The film crews are now listed by the boat that they are filming or the location that they are at, instead of being grouped together.

    • Sig Hansen and Larry Hendricks are no longer listed as consultants to the series in the end credits.

    • Changes have been made to opening title sequence, Jake Anderson has been added to the crew shot of the Northwestern. As long with Eddie Uwekdolani for the Time Bandit's crew shot and Freddy Maugatai for the crew shot of the Cornelia Marie.

    • The RADAR graphic has been changed again, this time it includes the weather patterns, and the markers of the location of the boats has been changed from a dot to an arrow that is pointed in the direction that the boat is going.

    • When this episode first aried in the US it was part of a two hour season permiere which included the second episode Striking Out. In the oversea markets this episode permiere as a singal episode.

    • This was the first episode of Deadliest Catch that didn't start with Mike Rowe's introduction.

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