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  • SEASON 11

    EPISODE: A Brother Hood Tested. REVIEW FOR EPISODE 4/14/2015: EPISODE: Before Season Starts. To start, I can't believe Sig and Edgar would become soft criminals in stealing the Cape Caution as a joke. This is not the quality we expect from them. Wild Bill should have called the Coast Guard. And then there was Jake Anderson, the wanta be god's gift to crab fleet. He is a deck hand at best, no better. NORTHWESTERN: Strikes out by themselves; hits the jack pot and drives the crew for days until they are discovered. TIME BANDIT: Johnathan: What can we say about him? It is hard to understand what side he is on. The good guy who will help someone in distress or the bad guy who will attack a fellow captain. He did start out on new grounds but just enough king crab for a small dinner. SAGA: Nothing has changed. In theory, Elliott, went though treatment. In reality, he is still the Elliott of past season. Complain, complain, complain. AND, lazy! CAPE CAUTION: Wild Bill is still Wild Bill. Complains when one of his motors breaks down and is not fixed in a flash. Why didn't he do it? He did hit a hop spot, but mother nature hit him with vengeance. WIZARD: Keith started out the season on a bad note. A partner boat that he had worked with for years with his own way and took 40% if his king crab allocation. And, when he found a hot spot, the other boat showed up, trying to horn in on this spot. Fortunately, the Time Bandit came and help Keith defend his area. CORNELIA MARIE: After being out of the fleet for several years after the captain's death and Josh being the boat back last season, hopes were for a good start this season. But, the boat didn't even make it to Dutch Harbor, breaking down enroute. A week's delay and still not all the parts arrived. Good start for some and bad start for others.
  • 10 great years!

    sure I miss Phil, do so appreciate the scenes of him now & then and the added treat with his boat and son back in the hunt. surprizing this show stealing this ole womans heart 10 years ago I have such withdrawals during their off season and always hope for re-runs now and again to keep me going until next season
  • awsome show

    Awsome crab
  • Screen Clutter Ruining the Show

    Used to love the show - actually, still do, but we are so sick of the screen clutter - the on-screen ads were bad enough, but now having to deal with the junior-high crowd plastering "Tweets" or whatever this hash-tag garbage is ,is nothing but distracting - ruins the show. I cannot believe that Discovery feels the need to cover up the action with tacky groupie messages. The show is supposed to be about crab fishing, not a place for juvenile texters to get 10 seconds of fame. If this continues, we're done with the show.
  • deadliest catch

    best show ever.
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  • Enough already

    This show used to be appointment viewing for me about 7 or 8 years ago. But there is literally NOTHING new during every season... the fake little dramas they set up are completely uninteresting. "Will Edgar stay or go?" Who cares, you know he'll stay, where else is he gonna make this kind of money? They catch some crab, they have a rough season, they have some lame, staged practical jokes... it's all so tired I couldn't even get through the hour last night; because I'd seen the same episode before at least 50 times.
  • Wild, Abusive, pigmouth, bigmouth Bill

    As Captain of a Vessel, you do not abuse your crew because you ran over your tagline. He may have been slow, but he is not intolerant as you.

    You need human and customer relations/professional communication classes. You are a poor excuse for a teacher, boss, and certainly you carry not one ounce of Gentleman in your soul.

    Because of your very low degrading comment to your newest deck hand, I really believe you are going to reap what you sown.

    Frankly, I am tired of listening to your mouth and looking at your ugly self, I hope you get sued or are removed from the show. If anyone is the loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it will be YOU!!!


  • Josh Harris on the Cornelia Marie for Season 10

    I have been a fan of the show since Season 4. I remember Ships and captains that have came and left. Phil Harris was one who didn't have a choice in the matter. But, WHEN Josh boards the Cornelia Marie for King Crab '14, Phil will once again sail the Bearing sea with his son. Now, if he can find out who broke into his storage locker at Dutch Harbor. Jake? Where were you?
  • Crabbers are weak little babies

    Its advertised and the cast members act like their doing the hardest most dangerous job in the world lol. That isn't nothing much more then what millions of us down in the lower 48 do 365 days a year, not a couple months and then go sit on our ass for most the year. A REAL badass (like us Arborist) don't have to brag about it neither.
  • brothers of the sea,s

    i am an ex merchant navy man and trawler man fished of iceland and tho seen some mighty rough seas my admiration to all the crabbers take care pedro
  • Deadliest Catch Season 9

    Your main characters are bullies, adulterous idiots, cheating liars, children playing with explosives, and captains who are not worth their word. I'm not sure I care for the producers who have encouraged these behaviors since the first year. They think any conflict is good conflict.

  • the Wizard captain a huge BULLY !!

    Your ass should be sued !! I hope the greenhorn sues your boat right out from under you. Freddy is nothing but a brown-noser bully as well. You deserve NO respect. Just because you can't captain your boat or catch any crab you blame & bully a person who was only standing up for his rights. He was the only MAN on that ship ! You disgust a joke to fishermen as for being a captain, I wouldn't ley you pilot my rowboat up the river ! will get you just set off some bad ju-ju on your ship.
  • Bullying sucks

    I can not believe the way Freddie and Keith Bullied the greenhorn. This kind of behavior should not be allowed, I hope the kids sues them for harassment! More disappointing was that none of the other captains called Keith out. He is such a joke as a captain. This is not the first time he has showed his ass on the show, just the worse so far. I guess they are trying to make people believe if you don't go along with everyone and you try to think for yourself then it is ok for people to pick on you and threaten you. This country was formed by people thinking for themselves and standing up for what is right. Thats what makes it great! As we approach the 4th of July we should embrace thinking for ourselves to do whats right and stop watching such a pro bullying show with a brunch of ignorant bullies!
  • common sense

    Come on Wizard, use you're brains a little bit. Because the captain didn't have the courage to accept responsibility for not catching any crab, he and the crew tried to force the greenhorn to do something he didn't want to do in order for the crab to swim in their pots. What kind of idiots are these people, that think shaving their heads would make any difference in how many crab they catch. The greenhorn has the right to sue the Captain of the Wizard for everything he has, jut for the fact that the idiot Captain hit him. The Wizard Captain and his crew are nothing but a bunch of superstitious boneheads. Grow up guys!
  • Freddie Being a Bully

    My husband and I have been big fans of the Deadliest Catch since the beginning, but after the show this week we are very disappointed. We get the fact that having your hair cut on Capt. Keith's boat is a tradition, but it shouldn't mean it's OK for him to allow Freddie and/or anyone else to bully someone! We find it disgusting and have lost all respect for Keith and Freddie!!! Can't believe how demeaning they are to each other? Don't think we will watch anymore
  • Opening Song info

    This is in response to: mussy111, May 21, 2013


    Hi mussy111, The opening song is "Dead or Alive" by BonJovi. The opening sequence is so short now, it sounds like a second or two of instruments and I can't tell if it changed for Season 9. Oh, I just checked Wikipedia, it also says "Wanted Dead or Alive" is the opening theme, and it includes season 9, so there we go :-)

  • Wizard...

    When stupidity doesn't pay. Having a hand blown out, it was bound to happen guys!
  • Thinks hes smart an doesnt know shit!!

    I hope Elliott and all the other skippers realize that Junior is a f______ b______. He is a small thinker. Instead of looking at the big picture and his future he is only thinking about making the most money now. They all should put him on their "pay him no mind" list. Elliott , you shouldnt give him the time of day. My great-grandfather was a fisherman, my dad said back in the day, Junior would have been run out of the waters!! HE is one A______!!
  • Juniors Karma may sink his Career

    At first I though Elliot was an a** and hoped he lost everything, However after watching junior stab two skippers after he called them for help. Hope the crew gets off safe but junior should go down with the ship. How funny juniors lack of keeping his crew safe medically has him asking keith again . Bottomline Junior needs to sink!!!!!10.0
  • HELP!!!

    i love the song from the opening episode, fist to the face', does anyone know the name of it? searching google for an hour and cant find anything.
  • Screen Nonsense

    I truly cannot stand the fact that some executive decided to make their viewers look at stupid screen ads during the show! Like "Tweet info, Deadliest Catch All New Now and the HD sign. Its the viewers that keep your ratings high!!! Give us a break and remove thoae stupid ads!!! Irs bad enough to edure 50 commercials during a one hour show!!!
  • 8.0
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    I am a longtime fan of Deadliest catch from the very beginning and I am also a parent of an adhd kid. I did not appreciate the comment that was made by Captain Bill's son on the Cape Caution. Someone needs to remind this man or rather ignorant boy that adhd is not a "special needs case" but his lack of knowledge is and maybe he should be looked at by a doctor. I hope that this reaches someone who cares. I truly hope that maybe these guys on the show read some of these comments that are posted
  • Season 9 Of Deadliest Catch To Filmed In South China Sea

    9 Season Is A Go

    & 1 Intresteting News

    International Maritime Satire Week Warning: The following is a piece of fiction intended to elicit insight through the use of satire and written by those who do not make a living being funny so it's not serious and very well might not be funny but apparently producer Todd Stanley thought so (see comments below).

    SILVER SPRING, MDFollowing a loss in ratings to NBC's Stars Earn Stripes, the Discovery Channel has decided to change the setting of its award-winning reality fishing show Deadliest Catch to the South China Sea.

    Sources indicate that Discovery intended to cancel the series until Deadliest Catch producer Thom Beers presented the idea of moving the setting to either the Strait of Hormuz or the South China Sea. With the annual ratings boost from Shark Week a year away, Discovery elected to keep the show and film the next season in the hotly contested Southeast Asian waters.

    When asked about the drastic change, Beers said, "The South China Sea is a great move for the series and the hardy American fishing crews viewers have come to love Wizard, Time Bandit, Northwestern, Cornelia Marie, they'll all be there. It's home to a competitive fishing environment and surrounded by countries that have a passion for the sea. You've got Chinese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Malaysians, and Indonesians out there sailing together. Now we're throwing Americans right into the middle of this great, dynamic

    Beers explained that the region's depleted fishing stocks will actually enhance the show's intensity because it raises the stakes for the competing fishing vessels. "These guys will be fighting each other for every single fishliterally," said Beers said with a grin.

    Sig Hansen, Captain of the fishing vessel Northwestern, also expressed confidence in adapting to the new environment. "If there's one thing that we need to master right away, it's persistence. We can't turn around no matter what or who is in front of Hansen also talked about the safety situation. "In the Bering Sea, we didn't always have the Coast Guard backing us up because of the conditions. However, we're told that in the South China Sea all these different nations send in their Coast Guard and military vessels to patrol the area. It's a lot safer in my

    The crews of Deadliest Catch will face many exciting new challenges in the 9th Season.

    The lack of an American port does not deter Beers from basing the show in the region. His team plans to set up their base on one of the sea's many islands. Producer Todd Stanley, Beers' partner, said "Look, a lot of these islands, like the Spratly's, don't have any residents. We're thinking, why not go in take one for ourselves? Of course, we would do the proper legal thing and make sure to hoist an American flag to keep everyone

    Stanley revealed that the ships could just anchor at the Scarborough Shoal if they cannot find an island. "We'll just follow the Chinese model, if necessary, and show up with an old-looking map with some lines drawn around things. I've got an old place-mat from my childhood. Do these dashes around Australia mean I own it? Who knows, they could just be spaghetti stains the important point is it would take the UN years to sort through our

    When asked for a statement, the Association of Southeast Asians (ASEAN) could not respond with an official comment. Deputy Press Secretary Naoko Saiki believes that the story is a hoax. "It's hard to believe America is home to a television series about crab fishingthis is probably fabricated by one of the nationalist groups in the region. Everyone knows that Americans only watch Jack

    Discovery announced that they are also moving Sons of Guns to Iraq and American Loggers to the forests in Colombia. Production on Season 9 starts in October and will premiere on the Discovery Channel in early April.
  • R.I.P Phil Harris!

    Don't watch anymore but I do like.
  • I am so glad my husband doesn't like this show.

    Where do I begin? This show is so boring that I would honestly rather watch the TV Guide channel. It basically is the same stupid thing every time. Same thing, different day. It's bad enough that there are so many re-runs on tv, but how about new episodes that feel like re-runs? What is so entertaining about fishing anyway? Honestly I don't understand why some guys are such Neanderthals. Isn't there anything better to do with your time than to watch a bunch of guys go out on a boat and catch fish and crabs? I guess it's better than sitting on a frozen lake for hours with a pole in the ice, to get one measly fish when you can just buy it in the store anyway.
  • The World's Deadliest Catch is the best reality show ever documented. The producers have done a wonderful job, showing us how the crew work together, get along, or not get along, and how deadly things can turn in an instance.

    The Deadliest Catch is the best reality show ever produced. This show keeps me on the edge of my seat, every week. I can't wait until the next show airs to see what will happen. The producers have done an outstanding job, making us all feel as though we are right there with them. I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat, praying for all the ships and their crew, as we all know what can, and has happen in the past. This documentary proves that this is by far, the Deadliest Job, and my hat is off to those brave enough to capture these crew, in their element, and bring this to us in our living rooms. They have done a fine job in making us understand, how truly dangerous this job is, and how the weather can be great one minute and then quickly turn deadly in the next. They have shown us how unpredictable and unforgiving the Bering Sea can be. They have introduced us to the crew of these ships, and you feel as though you know them, you definitely care and worry about them. I give this show ten stars, easily. If you have never watched it, watch it, because if your not watching this show, you are truly missing a classic in the making.
  • Uhh...

    I liked it Somewhat. The show was OK. Man, It really needs some work. If it lasted a few more seasons, It would be a great Hit! It is not really my kind of show, either. I like Animes, Action and cartoon Type shows. It does, however gave me some kind of a motivation that i want to do later in life.
  • I don't watch too much television, but I managed to have the misfortune of watching this program. If you like watching the most mind-numbing, repetitive shots of cage after cage of crabs being poured onto a ship...

    I don't watch too much television, but I managed to have the misfortune of watching this program. If you like watching the most mind-numbing, repetitive shots of cage after cage of crabs being poured onto a ship coupled with a desperate attempt at making it seem glamorous ("DAMMNNN thats some hot crab") then this program is for you. Seriously awful the only way feeling your soul slowly die as more and more crabs get paraded on the program. The only way to convey how dull this program could be to replace every word in this review with 'crab' and read it out loud in a monotone, crab like fashion. It wasn't even a deadly catch - it was crabs; boring, unimaginative, mindless....basically television full stop.
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