Deadliest Catch

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Apr 01, 2005 In Season



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  • The World's Deadliest Catch is the best reality show ever documented. The producers have done a wonderful job, showing us how the crew work together, get along, or not get along, and how deadly things can turn in an instance.

    The Deadliest Catch is the best reality show ever produced. This show keeps me on the edge of my seat, every week. I can't wait until the next show airs to see what will happen. The producers have done an outstanding job, making us all feel as though we are right there with them. I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat, praying for all the ships and their crew, as we all know what can, and has happen in the past. This documentary proves that this is by far, the Deadliest Job, and my hat is off to those brave enough to capture these crew, in their element, and bring this to us in our living rooms. They have done a fine job in making us understand, how truly dangerous this job is, and how the weather can be great one minute and then quickly turn deadly in the next. They have shown us how unpredictable and unforgiving the Bering Sea can be. They have introduced us to the crew of these ships, and you feel as though you know them, you definitely care and worry about them. I give this show ten stars, easily. If you have never watched it, watch it, because if your not watching this show, you are truly missing a classic in the making.
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