Deadliest Catch

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Apr 01, 2005 In Season





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  • I Love Deadliest Catch but Please Get Rid of Captain Colburn and Freddy of the Wizard

    Overall I love the show "Deadliest Catch", but I wish they would kick Captain Keith Colburn and Freddy Maugatai off the show forever, then I could give the show 5 stars with the Wizard either gone or under new management.

    I like the way Captain Keith Colburn could care less about the rest of his crew, but he sure loves his pet Deckhand Freddy Maugatai. When Freddy got hurt, Captain Colburn was so concerned, maybe they are lovers. I say that because he never showed compassion for anybody else, ever. It would be nice if they would just kick Keith Colburn and his bad attitude off the show "Deadliest Catch", I cringe when I have to hear his arrogant and sarcastic comments. What is Freddy, some kind of Samoan? When I was in the military and stationed in Hawaii, it was always the Samoans that caused trouble; they were very huge and always angry people that openly hated all whites (they told us that directly). That is why now, I do not like Samoans at all. Freddy might seem cool when he shows out in front of the camera, but I bet off camera he causes trouble. Remember how Capt Colburn and Keith treated that poor greehorn that didn't want to shave his head? That is when I first started hating the Wizard Captain and Freddy the Samoan. I can't apologize to Samoans if you people are offended, you people did hate whites because you tried to start trouble with us by trying to gang up on us and tried to cause harm to us; you actually yelled that you hated us because we were white. You also called us that derogatory word Haole. Do you stil celebrate Kill Haole Day in the State of Hawaii? Racism is not cool no matter who does it.