Deadliest Catch

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Apr 01, 2005 In Season





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  • Jake & his whining .... am I watching Deadliest catch or Whiney diva babies on housewives of NJ

    Jake and his hissy fits big baby. Had he taken the disappointments like a man, it might have earned him the confidence and reasurrance from Sig rather than whining me Daddy to Sig holding him up from leaving port. AND he just had a kid. Nobody on the face of the earth cares about what him or anyone else DREAMS of doing. Its the working for it and taking your lumps as you go. We liked Jake, he weathered some tough stuff his first years on the boats. Now grow a bit of manhood if you wanna sit in the big boy chair. Once a big wave hits or steering goes out, nobody will be around to change his crybaby diapers. Thank GOD Elliott is off. Open sea, rationalized fishing or not, is no place for an active addict and the chicks he picks up in a bar.