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  • Best of Season 4, Pt.2
    Best of Season 4, Pt.2
    Episode 22.2
    It's the 2007/2008 Alaska Crab Season. Hurricane force winds and monstrous waves batter the fleet. A dying skipper, a struggling greenhorn, two rival deckhands, and a prodigal son are just a few of the men risking their lives for "The Deadliest C ...
  • Best of Season 4, Pt.1
    Best of Season 4, Pt.1
    Episode 22.1
    It's the 2007/2008 Alaska Crab Season. Hurricane force winds and monstrous waves batter the fleet. A dying skipper, a struggling greenhorn, two rival deckhands, and a prodigal son: Each will play his role in the drama called Deadliest Catch.
  • Real Life
    Episode 21
    Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie recounts his life-threatening ordeal during the recent Opilio Crab season.
  • Deckhands
    Episode 20
    Deckhands and greenhorns from several boats talk about their first experiences and history working the deck.
  • Emergency!
    Episode 19
    The captains talk about coping with the emergencies and crises that occur on their boats when out in the middle of the Bering Sea with no assistance.
  • Deadliest Catch Special-Best of Season 4
    A two hour look back at the highs and lows of Season four of Deadliest Catch.
  • Brothers
    Episode 18
    The captains and members of their crews talk about family, siblings on the same boat, traditions and a love of fishing.
  • Deadliest Catch Behind the Scene Special - Season 4
    A look at the producers and cameraman that flimed the 4th season of Deadliest Catch.
  • Legends
    Episode 17
    The captains talk about legendary moments, their Gloucester comrades and cameramen on the ships.
  • The Final Hour
    Episode 16
    As the Oppie season drawls to the end the captains race to catch the last of their remaining quotas, battling ice and equipment issues. The Time Bandit's Scottie makes a near fatal mistake working the hydraulic system. An ominous message comes across the radio as the men head for home ports.moreless
  • 7/15/08
    The Arctic ice pack descends on the fleet as they make their final runs. Both the crews of the Northwestern and Wizard battle freezing spray. The Cornelia Marie's crew suffers from "Bering Sea dementia" while the Time Bandit's crew is at its breaking point.
  • Changing Tides
    Episode 14
    The Northwestern fights the ice pack. The Wizard sets off with tempers flaring and a new greenhorn. Phil's future on the Cornelia Marie is questionable, so the crew struggles on without their captain. The Time Bandit has a near fatal mistake and a tough choice.
  • Fresh Blood
    Episode 13
    When Capt. Phil heads for the hospital for the treatment of his spitting up blood, Murray takes command of the Cornelia Marie and struggles with his new duties. The Northwestern's crane strains to its breaking points and put the boat peril. The Wizard goes through a serious leak and Moi, the boat's greenhorn, gets the axe.moreless
  • Mortal Men
    Episode 12
    Massive storm waves tear up the decks of the Early Dawn, North American, and Northwestern. On the Cornelia Marie, Capt. Phil injures his ribs and begins coughing blood, after he tossed from his bunk due to a wave hitting his boat but he won't head in for medical attention until his crew refuses to work any more.moreless
  • 6/17/08
    On the Time Bandit, Capt. Johnathan joins the deck crew and promptly has an injuriy while showing off his deck skills. The Northwestern crew is irritating Capt. Sig. Lenny from Wizard barely escapes a huge wave. The North American greenhorn is hazed.
  • Blow Up
    Episode 10
    A routine Coast Guard rescue becomes a battle against nature. The Cornelia Marie heads to land for repairs. Fatigue is causing mistakes on the Northwestern. On the Wizard, Greenhorn Moi locks horns with Capt. Keith. The Time Bandit heads for better grounds.
  • Storm Season
    Episode 9
    The Opilio season begins. A dual storm system challenges a patched Cornelia Marie and almost costs the Time Bandit two of her men. A medical emergency on one of the boats brings in the U.S. Coast Guard, but the dangerous freezing spray puts everyone's lives at risk.
  • 5/27/08
    As the king crab season comes to an end, a totally exhausted crew fills the Northwestern's crab tanks to the brim. Cornelia Marie has a blackout. North American does a "Hail Mary". Wizard and Time Bandit race for the "String of the Week" prize.
  • Seeking the Catch
    Episode 7
    As the King Crab season drawls to a close, a mass amounts of stinging jellyfish by catch in unfilled pots add insult to injury. The Cornelia Marie could face losing their captain for good. The crew mistakes onboard Northwestern could be costly.
  • Racing the Clock
    Episode 6
    With the king crab season nearly over, everyone's feeling the pressure. Captains are pushing their boats and their crews to the breaking point.
  • No Mercy
    Episode 5
    The seas are rough and they'll only get rougher.The Time Bandit has a dangerous electrical short. On the Cornelia Marie, Phil's health deteriorates. The Early Dawn boats driving with a sleeping greenhorn at the wheel.
  • Unsafe and Unsound
    Episode 4
    As the king crab season endures cracks on the boats are starting to appear in the name of Greenhorns, skippers, and family fishing dynasties. On Northwestern, Sig and Edgar have a "last man standing" contest to see who can fish the longest without sleep. Time Bandit's, Cpat. Johnathan has a brush with death.
  • A Number Game
    Episode 3
    The King crab season is well under way, but ships and people are already showing signs of weakness; The Northwestern has a mechanical breakdown, the Wizard's greenhorns are lost in the midst of work and the Cornelia Marie's captain's health is failing which greatly affects the crew.
  • Striking Out
    Episode 2
    Everyone ships looking to get some good crab numbers this season, but the Bearing Sea won't let them off so easy. A new greenhorn for the Wizard starts falling apart after only 48 hours of working. Meamwhile the Early Dawn countines to fish for Brown King Crab.
  • Get 'Em Back Safe!
    Episode 1
    It's the beginning of a new king crab season and everyone's looking to cash in. Some boats are slow to start but eventually get to catching some king crab.