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AIRED ON 9/14/2011

Season 3 : Episode 10

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The greatest warriors of all time face off against one another. History provides the information; scientific tests and expert testimonials provide the results. Hours of intensive research is done to answer one question; "Who is Deadliest?"
David Wenham

David Wenham


Max Geiger

Max Geiger

Himself - Computer Programmer

Geoffrey Desmoulin

Geoffrey Desmoulin

Himself - Biomedical Engineer

Armand Dorian

Armand Dorian

Himself - ER Doctor / UFC Medic

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  • Was worth watching. . .

    Till it got canceled that is! Apparently there were concerns about budget constraints that were funded for the show. Would've also been nice if Robert Daly didn't turn out to be a phony too. A real shame too since it was one of the few shows worth watching on Spike that wasn't a reality show.
  • Jedi vs Predator

    I would like very much to see Deadliest Warrior tackle this one. Jedi or Predator, who is deadliest?
  • Pub Discussion

    This show is pure and simple entertainment. Anyone with the smallest amount of actual knowledge can pick many of the battles to pieces my speciality being the ancient weapons. Having criticised the show i'm an addict if nothing else than for the pub arguments it starts. The first episode and yes here comes a massive spoiler has Ninja vs Spartan and the Spartan takes him. Well I have to agree with them in a stand up toe to toe fight they got it right, but hey ninjas aren't known for fighting toe to toe so that nagated even the first show.

    To sumurise watch this the same way you watch WWE it's not real or believable but dang entertaining.moreless
  • Testing guns

    This is one of the best TV shows, but have few weeknesses.

    1. when testing same types of weapon, for example assault riffles need to give the same type of targets and tasks to both the teams.

    2. Accuracy, reliability and Armorpiercing capability should be tested with assault riffles and hand guns. Specially when using two standard armies, for example Spetnuz vs Green barret, IRA vs Al-Quaida

    3.Should Give more value to martial artsmoreless

    they dont even put in tactics because the special forces would kick the spetnezes ass because my dad is sf and says aks are trash and that they barley were berets as well as the fights with a sword and sheild vs just a slashing weapon against someone who is wearing armor and the navy seals are in the navy which they are alright but know where near sf dudes who are better than navy seals could dream of this show is as gay as a sausage party at k-mart.moreless

    That JetBlue Guy Gets Reality Show Offer

    Plus: Another Jersey Shore Guido gets arrested, Grey's Anatomy brings back a stunt guest, and more Wipeout!

    • Screenshot of Deadliest Warrior airs on Spike TV. © 2009 Viacom Internationa
    • Screenshot of Deadliest Warrior airs on Spike TV. © 2009 Viacom Internationa
    • Screenshot of Deadliest Warrior airs on Spike TV. © 2009 Viacom Internationa
    • Screenshot of Deadliest Warrior airs on Spike TV. © 2009 Viacom Internationa

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