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    [1]Apr 19, 2010
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    I might be alone here, but doesnt it seem like this show really doesnt test the warrior as much as it does the weapons. I understand that a huge part of the warrior is the weapon and that for many of the general classes that they test the weapons for a broad overview so i understand and agree with that method, but when it comes down to single guys like william wallace and you are depicting a man versus a man that method has to incorperate much more than just how deadly the weapon is.

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    You've got a pretty good point there, though I suppose it would be harder to thoroughly analyze their physical attributes and abilities given that the actual person isn't alive to carry this out only weapons of similar design.
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    I get the impression that in each fight (including the specific individual fights), the fighter is assumed to be a master of the weapons in his arsenal. In that respect, it kind of IS a contest of weapons rather than skills. In the new season, though, they've made mention of the "X-factor" -- the unique training and/or drive that might give that person or group an edge. That "X-factor" is probably being incorporated into Geiger's software before the fights are calculated.
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    I thought this was a topic on which weapon was deadliest. In that case I have to vote for the Medillin drug cartel's car bomb.

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    They've gotten a bit better with that with the "x-factor" thing they've brought in, but it's impossible to really be "scientific" about a lot of these things. When they test weapons then if one of the testers demonstrating happens to be more effective with his weapon his test results will be better. It fails to convey reality in the same way MMA fights do, it's two people (or groups) in a confined space, both are aware of the other, they can't use the environment to contribute to the fight and so on. In MMA you have two guys in a ring and that's that...if I'm in a restaurant though and get accosted by someone he may have salt in his hand to throw in my eyes, or if I'm outnumbered I could throw scalding soup in someone's face and toss the table at the other two to give me a second or two to deal with the situation advantageously.

    That hit me in the Ninja v. Gladiator episode when the whole x-factor thing wasn't there. No ninja would HAVE some sort of "ring match" with a metal clad behemoth. If he was hired to kill him he'd ingratiate himself to the camp cook and poison the soup or act as a prostitute, get their armor off and shove a knife in their throat during the act. There would be no "fight" both because if the ninja was never hired to kill the guy he'd just leave and they'd never see each other again...and if he was he wouldn't dress in black in the middle of the day and charge the guy while he was in metal battle gear.

    That kind of epitomizes the problem of the "science" of a show like this, don't get me wrong, it's entertaining as hell seeing the tests and getting the simulation and the computer-fed results and all, and I DO think it has it's merit, but it isn't a hard-and-fast rule as to who would honestly win in the real world.
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