Deadliest Warrior

Season 2 Episode 13

Navy SEAL vs. Israeli Commando (Season 2's Finale)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 27, 2010 on Spike TV



  • Trivia

    • The tactics and weapons used by the Navy Seals were demonstrated by Rob Roy (a 22 year Seal veteran) and Colin Palmer (a former Seal explosives expert).

      The tactics and weapons used by the Israeli Commandos were demonstrated by Moti Horenstein (Israeli special forces) and Mike Kanarek (former member of the IDF).

  • Quotes

    • Armand Dorian: This is, in my mind, the closest match-up we've had to date.

    • Mike Kanarek: We are born into war. Every child in Israel knows war. That's the way we are raised. If not, we die.

    • Moti Horenstein: We're the best in the world in everything we do. We always finish first and get out of this alive.

    • Colin Palmer: You're gonna see that the Navy Seals are the deadliest warrior. We're gonna be able to pick up the guns and outshoot the Israeli Commandos. No problem.

    • Rob Roy: Every shot should be a kill. Every knife thrust should be a kill. Every time I pick up a weapon, no matter what that system it is, it's a kill. Beacuase I'm a warrior.

    • Armand Dorian: We've got knives, guns and explosives on this episode. So the differences are gonna be millimeters sometimes.

    • Geoffrey Desmoulin: The Israeli Commandos; they've got a lot of things to worry about: Hamas, Hezbollah, guerilla fighters. They've got to be prepared any time throughout the day or night. The Navy Seals...they're outfitted for foreign contact only and I think that's gonna be the difference between these two warriors.

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