Deadliest Warrior

Season 3 Episode 10

Vampire vs. Zombie (Season 3's Live Finale)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 14, 2011 on Spike TV
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Things turn scary when a Vampire takes on a Zombie to see which undead monster is the deadliest warrior.

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  • Hella good

    Good stuff
  • Episode examines the attributes and possibilities of movie vampires and zombies instead of the legendary versions

    This episode bothered me on SO MANY levels. First off, they took the attributes of the vampire and the zombie from the fictional attributes of the movies than their original perimeters. After all, the legends of vampire-like creaturesdate back to Sumeria, while true zombies only date back to the first Africansbrought to the New World by the Spaniards. Now, the vampire mythology has stayed loosely consistent over thousands of years, but the zombie has changed from an animated dead servant to flesh-eating ghoul. Another thing, if they are going to take away the vampire's ability to turn to fog and a bat, they should have taken into account the effects of decomposition and rigor mortis on a zombie. I mean, after all that running around, a zombie is going to start rattling apart into pieces. Another thing, they are both animated corpses, one by dark magic and the other by Voodoo; is a zombie really going to be able to tell a vampire apart from any other member of the living dead? Vampires would not be expected to have a heartbeat or a pulse; two things a zombie/ghoul would use to determine what's alive.And would a vampire even waste its time or energy on fighting something considered beneath it. I'm pretty sure they might sacrifice a few a few werewolves to do the job. Bottom line: I'm not satisfied by the results for either side. What are they going to do for an encore? Werewolves vs. Bigfoot? The Frankenstein Monster vs. Jason Voorhees? Jack the Ripper vs. Lizzie Borden?moreless
  • Blood-sucking vampires vs. flesh-eating zombies. Who's deadliest?

    When this episode was first announced, I thought that it was going to be a Halloween special or something - that was going to be this episode's primary saving grace. It wasn't. It was aired on August 14, 2011, a day that has no special connection with either vampires or zombies. That's A).

    B) is that the vampires and zombies featured on this episode were one of several depictions of these undead beings, with the vampires clearly featuring one of their weakest incarnations. Obviously, this was done because DW does operate on a budget, and to have vampires turn into wolves or mist when dealing with the mindless zombie horde would've been too much. That said...

    C) the vampires are undead, just as the zombies are! Zombies' bites (a modern invention, btw) would have no effects on the vampires, because both are corpses, animated by supernatural forces - zombies by black magic, vampires by demonic spirits from the afterlife! Vampires spread their own curse by biting as well, for crying out loud! Didn't DW read any fantasy literature, let alone Brad Stoker's Dracula? Apparently not, they were probably too busy filming Dr. Dorian's life at the ER - a worthy goal, to be sure, but why show it after such a show, pardon the repetition?

    In any case, the concept of zombies infecting the vampires is ridiculous, and the downtuning of the vampires (who were still able to kill the zombies outnumbered 3 to 63) was pitiful. As for the "weapons testing" of this episode...

    D) At first I was worried that it was going to be like "Animal Face-Off" - a nice show in its' own right, that had failed after a single season, however. I was wrong - the testing on this episode was like "Animal Face-Off", but on an inferior scale. Using several "strongmen" to rip open a "vampire" ribcage? Yeah, really scientific, you guys, really scientific. Sigh. Why did you do this episode, anyways? It looked like a parody of one of your regular episodes, and not even like a Halloween special. Ah, well, hopefully season 4 (if it ever comes) will be free of such episodes, and will not have a "dragon vs. sea serpent" special episode as a finale!moreless

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