Deadline - Season 1

NBC (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Red Herring
    Red Herring
    Episode 13
    A man simply named Anton becomes the center of an investigation that finds Wallace knee-deep in the Russian Mafia. Later, Wallace, Hildy and Brooke attend a charity event where they meet face-to-face with the people they are writing about, including a mysterious Colombian woman named Christina del Costa. Elsewhere, Wallace sends his investigators on a few excursions.moreless
  • Shock
    Episode 12
    Based on a tip from a detective who's a patient at a rehab center, Beth volunteers to go undercover and finds that the facility is a hotbed of illegal drugs and prostitution.
  • Just Lie Back
    Just Lie Back
    Episode 11
    Wallace and Hildy investigate a shock jock by the name of Zak Mason, who, on his show The Zak Attack, mocks the demise of rape victims with the renewal of the Confucious phrase "just lie back." When the reporters discover that Mason was attacked by someone who shoved a baseball bat down his throat, the case gets more interesting. Mason insists that it was two men, but Wallace and Hildy wonder about Mason's female co-host.moreless
  • The First Commandment
    When the wife of a prominent rabbi is murdered, Benton decides to investigate the man's background.
  • Somebody's Fool
    Somebody's Fool
    Episode 9
    Benton has began to investigate the situation around a man on an airplane who created an strongly unwanted disturbance and was killed by the other passengers.
  • The Undesirables
    The Undesirables
    Episode 8
    Wallace discovers a politician's plot to have drug-addicted women sterilized in order to reduce the number of crack-babies being born in New York City. Not only that, but a story Wallace wrote on the topic 12 years ago comes back to haunt him when he sees physical proof that not all crack-babies turn into druggies and criminals, by way of a 12-year-old chess genius who he can't seem to beat.moreless
  • Don't I Know You?
    Don't I Know You?
    Episode 7
    When Benton probes the mob links in a two-year-old murder case in which a suspect was acquitted because of temporary amnesia, Nikki's past comes back to haunt her and she is forced to choose between her father and her career.
  • The Old Ball Game
    The Old Ball Game
    Episode 6
    Charlie asks for Wallace's help in telling his friend's story when his friend's rich wife turns up missing. The reporters' investigation leads them to twists around every corner from the deceased carrying another man's child to her other secret affair. In the end, Charlie makes some realizations.
  • Howl
    Episode 5
    Benton thinks his only problems are writer's block and too much alcohol, until a gangster's actress girlfriend who spent the night at his place is found dead the next morning, and he becomes the prime suspect.
  • Daniel in the Lion's Den
    When a community activist who is running for city council turns out to be a fugitive living under an assumed name after being convicted of throwing a rock at police during a student protest 30 years earlier, Benton and Nikki suspect that the man was actually framed by the infamous "Red Squad", some of whose members are still around.moreless
  • Perception
    Episode 3
    When a tourist shoots an off-duty African-American cop who was trying to save him from two muggers, Benton competes with his estranged wife Brooke to investigate a possible case of racial profiling.
  • Lovers and Madmen
    Lovers and Madmen
    Episode 2
    When his estranged wife Brooke becomes romantically involved with the concert pianist she is researching, Benton becomes suspicious of the man and his relationship with his recently-deceased socialite manager.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Popular newspaper columnist Wallace Benton has just discovered his Pulitzer prize-winning series from two years ago may have landed two innocent men on death row. With just three days to right the wrong that may have been committed, Wallace goes on a crusade to save the men who he once condemned for their vicious murders of fast food restaurant employees. To solve his case, Wallace enlists the help of a group of interns who go through the evidence step by step to discover that Wallace was wrong — and right at the same time. Now Wallace must free the innocent and imprison the guilty.moreless