Deadly Games

Season 1 Episode 12

Dr. Kramer

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 1996 on UPN

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  • Gus takes on an evil dentist named Dr Kramer who plans to destroy laughter.

    This was my favorite episode in the series. I liked the chemistry between Gus and Lauren. Christopher Lloyd added some class as the main villian, Jackel. Christopher Neame as Dr Kramer chewed up the scenery and made a good villain of the week. But what sets this episode apart from the rest is that halfway into the episode and Dr Kramer is defeated. Thinking they\'ve won thier victory, Gus and Lauren spend some quality time together. Later on, Lauren goes to see her friend perform at the comedy club and spots Jackel. Then another villian by the name of Sharon the Hygienist is intorduced (played by Marjorie Monaghan). She immediatly continues to finish what Dr Kramer has started. Long story short, Gus goes down to the comedy club and him and Lauren defeat Sharon.

    Again, this was my favorite episode in the series and was a reminder of why I liked the series in the first place. Unfortunatly, this was the last episode to air and the series was cancelled. I\'d really wish Paramount would hurry up and release the entire series on DVD. If Nowhare Man (another short-lived UPN show) can get a DVD release, then there\'s no reason why Deadly Games can\'t.