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Deadly Games - Season 1

UPN (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide


  • The ex-Girlfriend
    The ex-Girlfriend
    Episode 13

    The newest video villain is Belinda, dressed in leathers, who is based on Gus' ex-girlkfriend. She wants to get on all men and can only be defeated by a golden ball.

  • Dr. Kramer
    Dr. Kramer
    Episode 12

    An orthodontist by the name of Dr Kramer plans to pump laughing gas into the comedy club. At the same time, Lauren's comedian-friend is attempting to make a comeback. Dr Kramer is defeated early on and a oral hygienist by the name of Sharon continues to carry on the task.

  • The Trash Man
    The Trash Man
    Episode 11
    When Gus is awakened by the sound of garbage can lids banging together, he realizes that another level of the game has begun. Meet The Trash Man, Roy Hopkins, a filthy adversary armed with radioactive sludge who is out to destroy the sites of all of Gus and Lauren's most magical moments. Armed in turn with the cleaning products they know will slow the villain down, Gus, Lauren and Peter go on a chase that takes them through a museum to a Las Vegas motel and, ultimately, the Hollywood Bowl.moreless
  • The Motivational Speaker

    A slick, motor-mouthed motivational speaker spells trouble when he drives a wedge between Gus and Peter, then embarks on a nefarious plan to poison the New Year's Eve ball at Times Square.

  • The Divorce Lawyer
    The Divorce Lawyer
    Episode 9
    Gus is shocked to learn the latest villain is Lauren's divorce lawyer, currently charged with 10,000 volts and aiming to electrify the Supreme Court Justices' chairs, unless Gus and Lauren can ground the amped-up attorney first.
  • The Car Mechanic
    The Car Mechanic
    Episode 8
    In the midst of a wicked heat wave, Jackal throws a monkey wrench into Gus's life in the form of car mechanic Ross Logan, who aims to derail a train; meanwhile, Det. Dorn gets closer to the truth about the game.
  • The Practical Joker
    Practical joker Danny Schlecht enters a new character into the game who (a) plants a bomb in Gus's VCR, (b) drugs Lauren and Peter and puts them in a compromising position and (c) meets Jackal--who's not sure how to treat this new villain.
  • The Camp Counselor (2)
    Gus rescues Lauren from her imprisonment in the computer, but in the process releases Jackal and the other bad guys- -including the evil camp counselor Chuck, who embarks on a mission to blow up a marine base commander.
  • The Camp Counselor (1)
    Just when Gus though it was safe, Jackal exercises his power from within the computer, sending the "Perfect Woman" into the real world, followed by Gus's sadistic childhood camp counselor, who plans to blow up a Marine base with a rocket. Part 1 of two.
  • The End of the Jackal
    Jackal's real life model is revealed as the super villain sets his sights on the destruction of "the family," with a park and a maternity ward primary targets. meanwhile, Peter believes he's found a way to put the super villain back into the game for good, but his actions may have cost Gus and Lauren their lives in the real world as well, on "Deadly Games".moreless
  • The Boss
    The Boss
    Episode 3
    Jackal and the evil video version of Gus's first boss plan to blow up a gasoline truck-with Lauren's ex-fiancé behind the wheel.
  • One Mean Mother
    One Mean Mother
    Episode 2
    Jackal enlists the aid of "Evil Shirley", who's patterned after Lauren's mother, to help plant a bomb on a cruise ship that Lauren's real mom and her fiancé are on.
  • Killshot
    Episode 1
    A tongue-in-cheek sci-fi adventures about the interactive universe gone berserk. Mild-mannered scientist Gus Lloyd has a hobby that allows him to blow off steam: He designs video games, and bases his bad guys on people who bug him. But a freak accident occurs, unleashing the sublimely sinister Sebastion Jackal and his minions on the real world.moreless
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