Deadly Games

Season 1 Episode 4

The End of the Jackal

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 1995 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • Both The Jackal and Gus' own father (who was the source model) have a car with the license plate that read: "J.K.L."

    • We see that Gus' father Jordan is also a physicist--an incredibly and achieved successful one.

    • Usually, if the villain-of-the-week's plan is foiled, said villain can be instantly defeated--going up in light. But it won't work with The Jackal here as this is the last level and the last level and master-boss is supposed to be the most difficult.

    • We see that the inspiration for The Jackal was Gus' own father since they have a very estranged relationship. In this episode, they begin to mend the burned bridges after Gus slays The Jackal.

  • Quotes

    • Jackal: (after Lauren slips a Bobby Mercer baseball card in his lapel, causing him to burn in pain) I am your superior! I will not be treated this way! Wahhhh!!!

    • Jackal: You know what time it is? It's the end... of the beginning.

    • Jackal: (after setting fire to Gus' baseball card collection) I know what you're thinking, Kid! You're sure hoping there's not a Mickey Mantle rookie card in there. An impossibility now that I think about it. I don't see a baseball!

    • Jackal: (while holding a blow-torch cane) Your-time-is-up! Hasta La Vista!

    • Jackal: :(While looking around the video-synthasized hospital for Gus and Lauren) Where are you, Kid? You're taking all the FUN out of this game!
      Gus: Dad wasn't a Gus fan. His whole primary goal in fatherhood was turning me into the next him.
      Lauren: : (On The model for the Jackal and why the ball is his Achillies' Heel) It's not like I know who's he's based on. Who is the Jackal--some little-league coach who benched you from getting picked off third?

    • (repeated line)
      The Jackal: Tough luck, kid.

    • Jackal: KID! I don't like your attitude!

    • (preparing to throw the killer baseball at the Jackal to kill him)
      Gus: Hasta la vista... Jackal!

  • Notes

    • In nearly every episode, Gus, Lauren and Peter use some kind of gun to fire at the weekly villain--here, it's a ball-launcher gun that shoots autographed Bobby Mercer balls.

    • The password to enter the video game after The Jackal changed it was the license plate on The Jackal's car--his own vanity plate--the letters "JKL."

    • The Jackal's weakness is the Bobby Mercer autographed baseball Gus got from the one and only pro-baseball game Gus went to with his father. At one point, a Bobby Mercer baseball card merely hurts The Jackal.

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