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  • Disappointed

    I watch the ID channel all the time and I have loved every episode on there until I watched Michigan Wolverines. That is a pack of lies and makes Cathy out to be the bad one, when in reality Gwen is the bad one. Cathy was not in the room when Gwen did those terrible things and they did not kiss over a dead body. Gross!! It was not Cathy;s idea to do the killings but Gwen's. If you're going to tell a story get the facts right!!! And trust me I know all the facts personally!!! Everything in there is exaggerated or a complete lie. I am very disappointed in ID because they have such a reputable channel. My fave channel actually. There are many monsters in that episode but you portrayed Cathy as the bad one and I can tell you for a fact it was two others who were the real monsters!!!! So while ID channel still gets my highest rating, This episode does not. I know exactly where all that false info came from!! Cathy doesn't do interviews, so it must have been Gwen!!