Deadly Women

Thursday 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Oct 09, 2008 In Season


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  • Deadly Women is a show about women turned killers.

    Great show from Investigative Discovery. Investigative Discovery is a nice channel for crime follower and crime buffs. They have a lot of the old shows that used to air on TruTv and History Channel like The New Detectives, but they also have New ones like Cold Blood, and this show Deadly Women.

    This show is unusual from other shows because it's all about women who committed crimes no men. Sometimes they have partners in crime who are men, but for the most part these are crimes that have instigated by women.

    A couple of the cases you'll see are high profiled cases that have become popular like the Pauline Parker and Juliet Hume murder case where they both conspired to murder at a young age in early 50s. Other cases are new from the last decade.

    Every case has something to offer. They are evil, bizarre, and sometimes salacious. The re-enactments are decent sometimes great. The narrator sets up the stories, you watch the actors reenact everything, and you get insights from investigators and psychologist about why these women kill.

    It's an interesting show for the crime follower who wants to see new shows on crime and has seen everything else or wants more from their crime shows on other channels.