Deadly Women - Season 3

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Episode Guide

  • Blood Lines
    Episode 13
    Blood ties are strong ties, sometimes strong enough to pull a person into a murderous conspiracy. When a family member wields their power, the result can be death.
  • Mothers Who Kill
    Episode 10
    We want to believe that all women would give their lives to protect their children. What would drive a woman to murder her own flesh and blood? These crimes shocked society; their stories will stun you.
  • Fatal Obsession
    Episode 8
    Chronicles the many obsessions that led women to kill. Cases include the file of Lisa Montgomery who murdered a pregnant woman, Bobbi Jo Stinette, for her baby. The case of Juliet Hume who with her best friend, Pauline Parker, murdered her mother in 1954. The last case is a husband and wife serial killer team in Australia.moreless
  • Evil Influence
    Episode 7
    Evil Influence from the show Deadly Women is an episode built around women who murdered due to someone else's influence. Myra Hindley murders children alongside her boyfriend while Tania Herman kills her lover's wife on the lover's say-so. Most infamously, cultists who follow the cult leader Charles Manson murder Sharon Tate and six other people prominent in Hollywood.moreless
  • Hearts of Darkness
    Episode 6
    The third episode of the sixth season of "Deadly Woman" aired on August 24, 2009. This episode, "Hearts of Darkness" delves into stories that will give you chills as you hear the horrible stories of love gone awry. Winne Judd kills her freinds after fighting over a guy. Another woman kills a man's wife to remain by his side.moreless
  • Forbidden Love
    Episode 5
    Forbidden Love from the show Deadly Women tells the stories of three women who murdered for the reason of twisted love. J.R. and her 23-year-old boyfriend murdered her entire family when she was 12 years old. Sharee Miller manipulates her lover into murdering her husband, while Kristin Rossum murders her husband to conceal her affair.moreless
  • No Remorse
    No Remorse
    Episode 4
    The fourth episode of season three "Deadly Women" is called "No Remorse." It aired on the tenth of September in 2009. Themes include sociopath con artists killing husbands or other women out of jealousy. Think arsenic posioning or other methods of killing that only the truly remorseless would ever consider using to kill.moreless
  • The Disturbed
    Episode 3
    The Disturbed from the show Deadly Women showcases three different women who committed murder for reasons of insanity. Jane Toppan confessed to the murders of 31 people during the course of her duties as a nurse. Christine Falling suffocated the children who she was supposed to watch over as a babysitter, while Dana Sue Grey killed three women and was caught during a fourth attempted murder.moreless
  • Blood For Money
    Episode 2
    Blood For Money from the show Deadly Women is an episode about three different women who murdered for financial gain. Martha Clift murdered a fellow employee to collect life insurance on the man; Celeste Beard ordered her lover to murder her millionaire husband; and Sarah Makin murdered children while working at a baby farm during the 19th century.moreless
  • Young Blood
    Episode 1
    Young Blood from the show Deadly Women is an episode that covers the stories of three girls who became murderers. Mary Bell becomes the youngest British female serial killer after murdering two boys, while Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum murder Holly's grandparents for forbidding them to see one another. Paula Cooper and her friends murder a 78-year-old woman for spending money.moreless