Deadly Women - Season 5

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Season 10 : Episode 13

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Season 11 : Episode 1

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  • Twisted Thrills
    Episode 1
    The intimate thoughts of a twisted mind would be enough to stun a community and horrify the world. But thoughts alone may not be enough to turn someone into a killer. This is a bizarre journey into the world of women who kill for twisted thrills.
  • 8/5/11
    Neighbors can be a source of friendship and community comfort. But what happens when a neighbor stops watching out for you, and starts watching you. The sinister minds of these women begin to turn sour and they begin to torment their neighbors.
  • Hearts of Stone
    Episode 3
    Deadly Women are not always the ones you expect. They are not the strangers lurking in the dark, they are a young mother, a supportive wife and a grandmother - all killers. Behind their loving masquerade lies a wake of family horror and pain.
  • Kill Their Own
    Episode 4
    A mother's most basic instinct is to protect her children, to put their needs above her own desire for money, freedom and men. But these deadly women break that sacred bond when they turn against that natural instinct and kill their own offspring.
  • 8/26/11
    Marriage is a lifelong commitment of love, and wedding vows. 'To have and to hold; for better, for worse; until death do us part'. But for these monstrous wives, it was only the vow of 'death do us part' they upheld.
  • Kill for Cash
    Episode 6
    Money is a strong motivator. It can be used for good. It can be used for evil. It can be the driving force behind murder. These women would stop at nothing to get their hands on the cash they needed.
  • Breaking Point
    Episode 7
    Anger, fear and despair are basic human emotions. But when these emotions are coupled with a broken mind, a perfect storm is created. Teetering on the edge of unbalance, these women resort to murder when pushed to the breaking point.
  • Love to Death
    Episode 8
    Love and money are a beautiful marriage, for the lucky ones they create a life of happiness and ease. Unless the love is of money, the bride is a killer, and the groom their victim.
  • 11/4/11
    To the outside world these caring mothers present a face of love - a suburban Mom, a caring community member, a housewife - but when the doors close, these deadly women will do whatever it takes to have their own needs met, even destroy their family.
  • Deadly Possession
    Episode 10
    These women- a grandmother caring for her grandchildren, a young girl in love with a boy, a mother protecting her son - are consumed with intense love. But when that love is threatened, they find it too much to bear and take measures into their own hands.
  • 11/18/11
    Love is a powerful emotion; it can drive women to unthinkable crimes of passion. Hate however, is love's gloomy shadow, and it can drive women into the darkest corners of their mind.
  • Sins of the Sister
    Episode 12
    A sisterly bond can mean a life full of friendship and sibling love. But for some women, having a sister means nothing more then having their own personal meal ticket, scapegoat and combatant. These types of relationships can lead to deadly outcomes.
  • Pleasure from Pain
    Episode 13
    Some women are so depraved that their thoughts are unspeakable, their actions incomprehensible. This is the deadly woman's house of sullen delight, a torturous world for those who receive pleasure from pain.
  • Lethal Love
    Episode 14
    Love is a powerful emotion, one that sits in the core of our soul and fills our lives with hope. But when love turns sour, the results can be deadly. In an act of revenge these deadly women unite with one common goal, to kill.
  • Baby-Faced Killers
    Episode 15
    These baby-faced girls may look childish and innocent, but behind their little girl smiles lies and darkness most adults never experience. When their inner turmoil bubbles to the surface, they become unlikely criminals.
  • Senseless Slayings
    Episode 16
    When a person places no value on human life, they can become unstoppable in their twisted missions to destroy the lives around them. These women all pushed boundaries, and shattered lives with their actions.
  • Lover's Revenge
    Episode 17
    These women burn madly with anger so deep they'll kill to satisfy it. What makes them turn on the ones they love? Find out as we explore the reasons for a lover's revenge.
  • Deadly Delinquents
    Episode 18
    In the tormented mind of a young school girl, jealousy can turn to a murderous rage. These deadly girls turn on their own and kill their friends. This is the brutal world of deadly delinquents.
  • 1/20/12
    When a woman wants more from her husband than he can give, marriage can be a dangerous union. For these deadly women, relationships mean nothing more than a match made for murder.
  • Killer Kids
    Episode 20
    For many parents, their children's teen years can be one big headache. But when typical teenage rebellion turns into deadly rage, a parent's love may not be enough to save their life.
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