Deadly Women - Season 6

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Episode Guide

  • Brides of Blood
    Episode 20
    These Deadly Women have a dangerous charm. The men who meet them love them. But underneath lies the chilling darkness of a tortured mind. When loved and nurtured they shine, but when pushed too far these blushing brides become the "Brides of Blood".
  • Death Knock
    Episode 19
    Home is where the heart is, a place to welcome friends and gather families; full of warm memories and good times. But when these Deadly Women come to the door, their victims have no idea they have just heard the sound of a "Death Knock".
  • Death Knock
    Episode 19
    Home is where the heart is, a place to welcome friends and gather families; full of warm memories and good times. But when these Deadly Women come to the door, their victims have no idea they have just heard the sound of a "Death Knock".
  • Bury the Boyfriend
    Episode 18
    A first love, a new love, and an old love are relationships most of us hold dear to our hearts. But for these heartless Deadly Women, love is unattainable. It is a gift that dies with their victim when they "Bury the Boyfriend".
  • Without Conscience
    Episode 17
    Murder blackens the soul. And for these Deadly Women, it is their already darkened soul and disturbed minds that create a new level of horror when they shoot, beat, torture, burn and dismember their victims. These Deadly Women kill "Without Conscience".
  • Eternal Revenge
    Episode 16
    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And when a virtuous woman is seduced; a lover betrayed; and an ?old' wife replaced by the ?new', life for the men who caused the hurt are destroyed, when these Deadly Women exact their ?Eternal Revenge'.
  • 11/23/12
    The mother-son relationship is a dynamic one. Mothers are role models, teaching self-worth, respect, and the value of healthy relationships. But these Deadly Women teach their sons to hate and kill when they enlist the support of ?Mommy's Little Helpers'.
  • Death Benefits
    Episode 14
    Death is a time of grief, mourning the loss of someone we love. But for these Deadly Women; a bored housewife; an ageing waitress; and young woman wanting cash, they discover that death isn't always full of sorrow but sometimes has ?Death Benefits'.
  • Kinky Killers
    Episode 13
    It is often said there is safety in numbers, but when these Deadly Women pair up with killer men who can match their evil thoughts and actions, they spiral into a world of sickening fantasies and the horror of ?Kinky Killers'.
  • Bury Their Babies
    Episode 12
    A mother's impulse to love and protect her child is a sentiment hard-wired into the brain. But when these Deadly Women go against the most primal and basic instinct to protect their young, we are forced to watch as they ?Bury Their Babes'.
  • Ruthless Revenge
    Episode 11
    Revenge is a dish best served cold, and for these Deadly Women, it is the motto by which they live their lives, exacting their vengeance in cold blood when they kill and commit ?Ruthless Revenge'.
  • 10/19/12
    It is said you ought to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. But for these unsuspecting victims, being too close led to their demise. These Deadly Women are ?Too Close for Comfort'.
  • Teen Terror
    Episode 9
    Teen years are full of intense growth, and unfamiliar feelings. Childhood is replaced by a sense of being misunderstood. If the emotional changes become overwhelming, sometimes the results can be deadly as tormented minds unleash a reign of ?Teen Terror'.
  • No Good Reason
    Episode 8
    Motive is the cause that moves people to do anything, to induce any action. But when these Deadly Women kill it is because they are curious, angry and or because they can. They don't have motive for killing their victims, they murder for ?No Good Reason'.
  • Love You To Pieces
    Episode 7
    When women possess irresistible charm, the men in their lives can be easily blinded to their dangerous ways. These women can use their fierce passion to love, but it can also be deadly.
  • 9/21/12
    "A mother\'s role is to love and to care for her children ? to put the ?other\' above ?herself\'. But for these ?Deadly Women\', the very opposite rings true when they break the sacred bond of their children\'s love in the ?Murder of Innocence\'.
  • Web of Death
    Episode 5
    "Love in the Internet age is complicated; you never know who you\'ll meet. A surrogate uses love as a lure; a serial wife finds murder more profitable than divorce; and a housewife finds happiness in a gun. All trapped their victims in a ?Web of Death.
  • 9/7/12
    "Deadly Women are often cloaked. One woman\'s killings go undetected for years; a Granny whose husbands keep dying avoids suspicion for half a decade, and a divorcee uses friendship to kill. Family and friends mean nothing to these "Matriarchs of Murder".
  • Insatiable Greed
    Episode 3
    "When women want money over love, it\'s dangerous. For an English Rose, husbands are dollar signs. For a serial killer, feeding her family pays. And for a businesswoman, a missing Mom keeps checks coming. These Deadly Women have killer, "Insatiable Greed".
  • Parents Peril
    Episode 2
    "When the precious bond between parent and child breaks, the adult doesn\'t always come out on top. These young women were driven to brink of insanity by their parents and their lethal plans for revenge ended in murder.
  • Hunting Humans
    Episode 1
    When a killer is in the pursuit of blood, being caught in their path is a dangerous place to be - unless you are the partner in crime. When these Deadly Women meet their mates, they not only gain a partner in life, but also in the hunt.
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