Deadly Women

Season 5 Episode 11

An Inconvenient Marriage


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Love is a powerful emotion; it can drive women to unthinkable crimes of passion. Hate however, is love's gloomy shadow, and it can drive women into the darkest corners of their mind.
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May 29, 2016
I realize that they can't go into every little detail about the cases as they are squeezing multiple segments into each episode. I didn't realize to what extent this could be a detriment until this particular episode. The first case they showed was that of Raynella Dossett Leath. I'm familiar with this case as I know Raynella. We weren't what you'd call actual friends, more along the lines of "friendly acquaintances." I had numerous interactions with Rayella and I always found her to be a likeable person. Was she guilty or innocent? I don't have an answer. As I said, I only knew her superficially. I was fond of the Raynella *I* knew and there's a chance. as there is with anyone, that I wasn't seeing the true person inside. The Raynella I knew, I liked,and I would like to think she's innocent. In fact, she has finally been granted a new trial as the original trial was presided over by a judge with an opiate addiction, and he presided over many cases with a fuzzy mind clouded by heavy opiate use.

Now I'm going to approach this objectively, so try to forget anything I said above as it's just my opinion of Raynella and not an unbiased look at the case. Watching Raynella's segment on the show, I noticed they omitted a LOT of pertinent information and the viewers only are getting the most superficial of glimpses into her case. The details regarding the death of her first husband aren't examined. Yes, he had cancer, and it was a rare type of cancer that has a terrible prognosis and can involve some long, drawn out misery of the sufferer. What I consider a glaringly important detail was left out though. Raynella supposedly took him down to the pasture in his wheelchair so he could get some fresh air and see his cattle. Later, she returned to find him dead from apparently being trampled by his own cattle as he sat in his wheelchair. It was ruled an accident, but later, after the exhumation of his body revealed that there was a lethal dose of morphine in his system, that really created some interesting questions. If she did administer a lethal dose of morphine with intent to kill, could it have been a mercy killing given the pain and agony he was suffering daily from his cancer and was he perhaps already dead when she wheeled him down to the pasture, or was it cold-blooded murder staged to look like a stampede death for selfish reasons? I don't know.

That is just one example of the segment leaving out some very important details on this case. If you can catch the episode of "Snapped" that takes a look at this case, it goes into a lot more detail and provides the viewer a more in-depth look into all of it, including another piece of damning evidence against Raynella regarding the "suicide" of her second husband, why she tried to shoot the man who informed her of her first husband's affair, and a bit more I can't recall right now. I believe it's season 9, ep. 11. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with Deadly Women's portrayal of the case for the reasons I stated above: Too many details were omitted, details the viewers would have no doubt found very interesting. It makes me suspect all the episodes may be like this. Not enough time is devoted to each woman's crime to be able to provide more details, but the show isn't laid out to devote each episode to one woman, so I do understand why each episode, if they're all as noninformative regarding the crime details as they were with Raynella, must do it this way. I still like the show, but it'a always in the back of my mind that I'm probably only getting the bare minimum of the details. If you see a case that really piques your interest and curiosity, definitely try to do more research as I'm sure you'll find a slew of details that weren't mentioned in the show.

By the way, the actress looked nothing like Raynella. They did a good job picking the actor to play David Leath, though. I didn't intend for my post to be so long. I apologize for the length.moreless

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