Season 3 Episode 10

A Constant Throb

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 13, 2006 on HBO

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  • "Swengin" gets payback, and how

    "Swengin," as Wu calls him, gets some long awaited, deeply satisfying payback.

    Kinda wish it wasn't so indirect though. The payback targeted Hearst's hired henchmen, rather than him personally. Other than pride and some money, it was no skin off his ass.

    Swengin should have chopped off one of Hearst's fingers, then after that realization sunk in, slit Hearst's throat.

    Swengin was no saint. He was more or less a Wild West version of Vito Corleone or Tony Soprano. But at least he was local.

    Hearst was a "capo di tutti capi" of the NWO, the scourge of mankind. A global menace. Swengin would have done the world a favor had he offed Hearst when he had the chance.

    Re: Bullock

    Now that is one angry man. If the real Bullock had that much repressed rage, he would be dead of cancer by age 40.

    Chill out man!
  • Al takes care of business

    Al goes to the wall to protect his interests. This episode really sets the stage for the coming showdown between the mining operator Hearst and Al Swearengen and other pivotal members of Deadwood. The restrain that Bullock had to have to not lash out and try to kill Hearst himself shows things are only going to get worse. However Hearst himself is getting really steamed as his captains keep getting knocked off and he humorously blows off steam by spitting Farnum\'s face and telling him to not wipe off the spital. Classic Deadwood. Al gets some knifework in as he gets back to his old ways. You almost feel bad for the bad guys, but Al has reason to be peeved since he lost a finger to Hearst and was made to feel humiliated in front of his own men in a earlier episode. I just hope we see this showdown between Hearst and Al before the season\'s end.
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