Season 3 Episode 6

A Rich Find

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2006 on HBO

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  • "There will be nothing left of the camp..."

    While the external conflict has simmered down since the last episode, the internal one is stronger than ever. In the aftermath of the recent battles the two sides sit down and plan the final grand fight. And while Hearst is "displeased with the camp" and is intent on taking "measures to bring it down", on the other side of the rampart the "camps elders" look for a way to avert this catastrophy.

    The episode delivers some very strong lines and words interchanged between the characters as they deal with the camps endless tribulations and these dialogues are the key features of the episode. Surprisingly, the episode seemed far more tense than the previous, despite the lack of outer violence. The alliance between Seth and Al, banded together by the camps assailant, continues to gain new ground, much to our pleasure. The strong personalities of all the people caught in the crossfire shine beautifully once more. Each stout in their determination, unwilling to relinquish a single inch to the adversary.

    Not lacking interest is the camps new resident, Odell, who appears at an unexpected time, possibly ruining Al's minute calculations all over again. Alma's secret is now quite officially out, though her fate is still uncertain. As for Jane, it's sad to see that after all this time she still hasn't found the will to give up drinking, but Joanie's care for her is touching. There is obviously a very strong bond between the two, which we can probably ascribe to their burdened pasts, which though different, left similar scars. It will be interesting to see how this side-story turns up as well.

    At the middle of the season the silence before the storm is most evident. And it is this indirect conflict, this troubling uncertainty that is so brilliant. The motive and the act of reaching for the gun in the holster is sometimes more intense than the shooting itself. One thing is certain: there is a lot to look after in the following episodes. Al is sending for his own reinforcements and the main peers of the camp will finally meet to "be baffled among friends", as our beloved salloon owner elegantly said.
  • More gold.

    While they didn't top last week's after, the Deadwood team have put together another great episode. The Hearst situation is building up - should make for an interesting season finale (or pair of telemovies, depending on how long they've decided to keep it going). There's another new character, too.

    All in all, this episode - like the season so far - was great. It's a bit weird to think we're now half way through the final season. Kind of a shame, but at the same time it's good that David Milch and co. have managed to go out on one hell of a high note - unlike the people behind, say, Alias.