Season 3 Episode 6

A Rich Find

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2006 on HBO



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    • Charlie Utter: It means, Mr. Star, that after leading him by the ear through camp for all to f***ing see, Seth installs Hearst in a cell adjoining a man he's had killed - that the knife still protrudes out his chest. And much as me and Hearst conversed, I made him address my ass. So do let's don't pretend Hearst will feel he was treated legal or civilized, or that his business with us is finished. Hearst is f***in' comin'...bringing us back to Bill and doing unto others first.

    • Calamity Jane: (sarcastically) Question I wake to in the morning and pass out with at night: what's my popularity with my fellow white people?

    • Al Swearengen: I lose patience with c**ts too ignorant to know when their lot's improved.

    • Al Swearengen: (watching Aunt Lou running up the thoroughfare) Not quick but she does seem full of purpose.

    • Al Swearengen: (to Bullock) Believe me - even now - in the forest, the blade would be between my teeth; me and you making our way stealthily forward. And as to us and him (referring to Hearst) if blood's what it finally comes to, 100 years from now the forest is what they'll find here. Dewy morning's lost it's appeal for me. I prefer to wake indoors.

    • Al Swearengen: (to Seth Bullock) Let's collect the camp elders; be baffled among friends, huh?

    • Sol Star: There will be nothing left of the camp.
      Charlie Utter: How much do you figure will stand once Hearst had his say?

    • Al Swearengen: Our hour is wrong. Having lost his man Turner, being embarrassed by you, Hearst will be on the muscle. And we, who will be his wrath's object, ought to stay close and confide. Our alternative is flight. Does that appeal?
      Seth Bullock: No.
      Al Swearengen: We ain't that sort. Which is maybe more the pity...

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