Season 3 Episode 5

A Two-Headed Beast

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2006 on HBO

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  • SpecF-ingtacular

    Wow! Dan just beat the Captain in one of the most brutal beatings I have ever seen on television. Al pondered Hearst's intentions by having Dan and The Captain fight and cannot see why. Bullock arrests a drunken Hearst at the Gem. Alma is back on the horse, doped up and horny. Hostettler sold his livery to the angry lunatic and then after being insulted by calling him a liar, Hostettler blows his own head off to show that dirty white angry man that he was not lying and will not live with someone calling him a liar. The actors seem to be up to something wierd and devious. Looking like a great season so far.
  • From the naughty and fun beginning, until the edge of seat ending this episode has everything, great acting,great writing,extreme violence,bad language and even sensitive powerful moments.Not for the tame of heart,but brave viewers are rewarded. fantastic

    A naughty but fun bath scene sets you up at the start then rest of the show builds on that until a.. I cant wait until next week ending.
    In between was a show with great writing.Powerful acting with subtle moments of geninus ,actually has you believing you were there in the very wild west.The way the tension builds between swearegen & hursts and their men is well executed. Bullocks anger building up,elsworths unrequited love,almas loneliness and ongoing substance problems, Dans loyalty all brilliantly portrayed. Swearegen & Hursts trying to out manoeuvre one another,having Sweargen and Hurst play chess with each other using their men as pawns is a masterstroke, watching tullivers eyes light up with knowlege of almas addiction, is like the cat with cream. Even creepy farnsworth missing his coffee with his aquaintances was subtle but showed his need for approval.Small but important things like that along with big scenes of violence make this show worth watching, you must keep your eyes peeled and ears open for little gems which are scattered about between fruity language and great atmosphere.So many plots so little time. Brilliant.Cant wait to next week.It might be Deadwood . .but its full of life.
  • Just keeps getting better and better!!!

    You can not blink during an episode of Deadwood. There's always so much going on. Trixie is my shero. I just love the way she handles herself. Takes what she's got and keeps on pushing. Her line to Sol about magically appearing through the furniture made me lol. Can't wait until she confronts Alma and you know she will. The fight scene was one of the best I've ever seen. . .honest to the very end! As one reviewer mention, not as gory as the Rome gladiators fight-scene, but it delivered the goods and some. I found myself wincing and peeking thru my fingers with every punch, grunt, groan, and eye-gouge!!! Dority left me speechless. His reaction after the fight was even more mind-blowing. . .brutal and sensitive. . .what a combination! But I love it.
  • Deadwood at it's most brutal. Powerful, tense stuff.

    Deadwood started great and has been one of the few shows that has actually got better with each passing season. Everything is pitch perfect. Every character down to the smallest brought to life by great performances and every line of dialog a keeper. Profane, meaningful and darkly amusing as well. Nothing on Deadwood is filler.

    Since we already know that characters can and will die without warning, the outcome of the fight sequence in tonight's show was never predictable. One of the most violent moments in the show's history. The gore was brought home by handling the whole scene realistically. No over the top punching sounds, every fall painful, the screams at the end hard to hear. Even the aftermath was handled well. Even death has an effect on those who deliver it. No matter how hardend they are or how minor their character seems.

    Two-headed was another fine episode. Unbearably tense at times, the stories building up to the point were we know something bad is going to happen and the viewer is just left waiting for someone to pull a trigger. And usually it never comes from where you expect it to.

    No show has ever portrayed the idea that the West really was that wild, more than Deadwood.
  • Woah.

    Ladies and gentlemen, that was, without a doubt, the best episode of Deadwood. Ever. Better than Mr. Wu, better than True Colours, better than everything. The dialogue was gold and the character development - or lack thereof, in Alma's case - was excellent. This is why Deadwood is the best show on television at the moment.

    The fight was nasty as hell. It wasn't as bloody as Rome's little gladiator sequence, but hot damn was it brutal and gross. The tensions had been builing up for a long time - Milch had to make it like this. There was no other way.

    Con was funny as hell, adding some much needed humour to a rather dark episode. We learnt a bit more about what Jack's up to and oh... that ending...

    Flawless, seriously. Flawless.