Season 3 Episode 9

Amateur Night

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 06, 2006 on HBO

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  • the beginning of the one of the best shows on TV

    while the inner workings of the Hearst machine comes to a boil - the citizens of Deadwood go about their business and the workings of their life are just as complicated as Hearst himself.

    The ever growing relationship of Miss Stubbs and Jane take on a decidely lesbian slant - Jane herself misses the boat to show Joanie just how much she feels for her in return. Instead of being the man, she send in the town's whale of a bouncer, and he does the job well enough that Joanie and Jane only stand back and let the whale stand his ground.

    Al is left in the dark in regards to the mindset of the Wyatt and his dim brother - they are in the background, but seems to be going about their business...characters to watch out for when the 3 episodes air in the coming weeks

    Al, alone, tending to his bar, and singing was the highlight of the show - this only enhances the human side of his character - too bad no one was round to hear it - the townsfolk were too busy watching the freakshow in the muddy mess that is the great town of Deadwood.

    Here\'s to next week episode - BRING IT ON!