Season 2 Episode 12

Boy the Earth Talks To

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 22, 2005 on HBO

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  • As good a season finale as one could hope for.

    Jam-packed with intrigue, subterfuge, twist and turns to choke a horse! They nailed it on this one. Of course, the dim lighting may not reveal every detail at first glance. That's why you might want to watch it again! Outstanding... simply outstanding. It doesn't hurt that there are some triumphs of good over evil -and that some uneasy alliances prove fruitful. Did it happen just this way in real life? F**k no! But who gives a f**k?! Watching this wonderful cap to an uneven second season, I am supremely grateful to all who worked on this show for hitting one out of the park and giving me hope for what turns out to be the final season to come.
  • In the final episode of the second season of Deadwood, George Hearst finally comes to town, Wu enters into direct conflict with Lee, and Alma Garrett prepares to get married.

    The second season comes to a climax as several major plot threads are wrapped up in a dizzying display. The Wolcott arc, Alma's marriage plot line, and the Wu vs. Lee conflict are all more or less resolved here.

    And while much is settled in this episode, there is certainly room for more storytelling. The political situation surrounding Deadwood is still ripe with all sorts of interesting possibilities.

    All-in-all, after seeing this episode, I couldn't help but want more time with Bullock, Al, Wu, and the rest of the citizens of the West's roughest town. This is television as it should be.
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