Season 2 Episode 8

Childish Things

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2005 on HBO
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Wolcott offers on a rich claim operated by two ornery brothers, and reports to Hearst on their progress overall. Nuttall proudly unveils his new "Bone-Shaker" bicycle--but some doubt he can ride it. Swearengen and Bullock discuss alternatives to annexing the Hills to Dakota. Miss Isringhausen strikes a deal with Swearengen; Alma receives proposals from both Martha and Ellsworth. Merrick's new office mate is a Russian telegraph operator, and Stubbs has two unexpected visitors at the Chez Ami.moreless

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  • Some great moments.

    Two things stand out for me about this episode:

    First - Some real actual joy shared all over the camp as Nuttall tries out his new contraption. People of all kinds laughing and smiling, even the unsavoury ones, as some old-fashioned (for them new-fangled, I suppose) fun goes on. If I recall correctly, we haven't seen that yet in this series, not even a town hoedown. What's even better about this gathering is that true to Deadwood's irrepressible style the moment is bittersweet - almost gothic - as one brother kills another over a gold claim.

    Second - Swearengen finally getting the wheels turning on how to move things his way in town. From watching all the angles he finds his opening, and not only that - he's able to jump right on a blindsiding of the telegraph operator's arrival. Even caught by surprise, he knows exactly to go for the bribe, while at the same time playing the long con with Farnum in befriending him as well.

    Great stuff, and that's just a slice of what the episode brought to the table.moreless

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Mose Manuel: My brother had an accident.
      Wolcott: What's his condition now?
      Mose Manuel: Fatal.

    • Nuttall: My bicycle masters boardwalk and quagmire with aplomb. Those that doubt me suck **** by choice.

    • Swearengen: I just jotted a few ******* thoughts down for your perusal.
      Merrick: In what regard?
      Swearengen: Peruse it and you'll ******* find out.

    • Jane: How does standing in my own puke prompt you to volunteer me to give a condolence call?
      Charlie: Why ******* wouldn't it, Jane?

    • Joanie: Would you like a drink?
      Jane: Yes. But my opening position is no.

    • Wolcott: ...if you find me untrue in any particular, I stay at the Grand Central Hotel.
      Calamity Jane: Who runs that joint?
      Wolcott: A grotesque, named Farnum.
      Calamity Jane: (turning away) He ain't lied so far.

    • Joanie: Well what's your preference? (Enquiring as to Jane's choice of liquor)
      Calamity Jane: That it ain't been previously swallowed.

    • Al Swearengen: Our moment permits interest in one question only: Will we, of Deadwood, be more than targets for a**-f**king? To not grab ankle is to declare yourself interested. What's your posture Bullock?
      Seth Bullock: (standing firm) As you see...
      Al Swearengen: Huzzah then...

  • NOTES (3)

    • The music in the closing credits is "Rattlesnake" by "Spider" John Koerner.

    • In this episode, Nuttall takes delivery of a bicycle that Merrick refers to as the Velocipede, Nuttall says "this is the Gents Boneshaker model and the French can stay the **** out of it". Bullock's ward William also says "they call that type Boneshaker Sir". The Bike in question is actually a High Wheeler, better known as the Penny Farthing. This type of bike is easily recognised by the large difference between the large front wheel and the small rear wheel. This bike is also sometimes called the Ordinary. This bike first came about in 1870. The Boneshaker or 'Velocipede' as its creator Pierre Michaux named it, was created in 1861, and the front wheel was only slightly larger than the rear wheel.

    • This episode won the 2005 Emmy for Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series.