Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 03, 2005 on HBO
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As a convalescing Swearengen bridles, Cochran schools Burns and Dority how best to assist his recovery. Alma is also feeling unwell, mornings. Unexpected profits at the Chez Ami lead Tolliver to an unexpected discovery about Wolcott. Merrick posts a provocative statement from Yankton on title to the claims; Bullock protects Commissioner Jarry from an angry mob, which redirects its ire. After returning a horse to Hostetler at the livery, professional go-between Samuel Fields finds a kindred spirit in Jane.moreless

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  • I suppose it was only a matter of time...

    If we're going to do a show on the Wild West - and especially a show of the nature of Deadwood, it would only be a matter of time until a lynching happens. I might argue though that the impending rumours of claims being refuted might only serve to diminish the naked racism of the camp.

    Then again, the fact that lynching the "General" was simply supposed to serve as a diversionary tactic exposes just how little they think of Deadwood's black citizens.

    Now I can’t say that I’ve been able to follow too well exactly what it is that Tolliver has planned for Deadwood, but I do understand the schemes as they’re playing out before me – and I have to believe, there’s no way they would’ve been able to get this stuff off the ground if Swearengen was in full contol of his faculties. That’s the work of a great Executive Producer at the helm.What’s better is that we can watch Swearenger come up from behind to crank the gears and get a handle on things again.

    As I watch some of this unfold I think the time is right to open up a discussion topic about who’s more ruthless - Tolliver or Swearengen? Kind of a tricky question – after all, Swearergen has killed a preacher with his bare hands, even if it was a mercy killing…


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    • Trixie: Yes, I am spending time at Bullock's and Star's, learning to do accounts... though I'm also f**king one of the owners.

    • Silas Adams: Why do I feel lucky we didn't meet across a poker table?

    • Al Swearengen: So many put the Yellowstone atop the natural wonders Johnny-for me there's only you.

    • Calamity Jane: (on General Custer) He was no great f**king man. He was a long-haired c**ksucker that could've saved many lives by more drinking, and stop being so f**king ambitious, and many still above-ground, and not scalped by the f**king heathens and their guts spread over the Plains.

    • Farnum: In the chambers of my hear beats a love for every crooked timber of this s**t-box of a structure...this building, it's warped flooboards and rickety chairs.

    • (drinking Liquor together)
      Calamity Jane: Finish this with me. If you can sit beside someone and not stink, or fart.
      Samuel Fields: I've been known to cut the odd fart. But they've never stunk.
      Calamity Jane: I've got the self-same gift.

    • Commissioner Jarry: Will you two be quiet?
      Calamity Jane: Not only will we not be quiet, you frog-faced ****, I'm gon' take this stick and drag it back and forth across the bars of your cell.
      Commissioner Jarry: I am not a prisoner, I am in protective custody!
      Calamity Jane: You are in the care of a deputy deputized by the deputy sheriff, who orders you to shut the **** up.

    • (Johnny entering Swearengen's room in a hurry)
      Johnny: Did you ring,Al? (referring to the bell)
      Al Swearengen: (after ringing the bell vigorously) Now that's the sound of the ******* bell being rung. Did you hear that sound?
      Johnny: No.
      Al Swearengen: No. Then get the **** out.

    • Doc Cochran: Strike you as overweening, Al, setting nature to a schedule?

    • Tolliver: If we're going to be surprised by that, boys — government being government — will we next be shocked by the rivers running and the trees casting shade?

    • Merrick: Without an accompanying explanation, Commissioner, this statement may work a very unsettling effect.

    • Commissioner: You do not **** the future; the future ***** you.

    • Al: (to Bullock) You got gall, comin' to me lookin' prettier than ever.

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