Season 2 Episode 7

E.B. Was Left Out

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on HBO

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  • At last, a face to face between Al and Alma.

    I swear, the second Alma opened the door to Swearengen, that's when I saw "Mr. Black Magic himself" the one, the only Teddy Bess. Ian McShane's cool delivery set such a perfect scene for their first meeting - although I don't quite see Al as the same guy as he was when he plotted to have Alma's husband killed.

    Great to see Utter getting some extroversion going on. For the friend of a world famous gunslinger, he's so bottled up. He might not have a gift for words, but when the situation calls for it, that man can sure speak with his hands.

    I'm anxious to see E.B get squashed, but I think I'm way more anxious to see Al go up against Cy. Al's not quite up to it yet, but it's coming, and hopefully before Hearst shows up on the scene.