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A different reason why Deadwood may be getting axed?

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    Now I was reading up on some wrasslin' "news" during the week (y'know, that other scripted industry) and I came across some extra stuff that mentioned this 4th season Deadwood cancellation and how it was all due to HBO not owning the rights to Deadwood etc (original source). Now we all know the official reason is that it's because Milch is creating a surfing noir, and y'know, I figured that idea is so ridiculous that it must be true eh?

    But regardless I'm at a loss over this Deadwood thing so I bit, and fired of an email to him. Here's the response I got back upon asking what the rumble was:

    I might have over-simplified (hey, I'm supposed to be writing about
    wrestling, not HBO!), but my brother who works in Hollywood said this boiled
    down to a dollars and cents issue at HBO.

    HBO lost money for the first time in a long time last fiscal year (or fiscal
    quarter, or something), and the number-crunchers are the ones behind axing
    "Deadwood," since HBO is already financially committed to more of "Rome" and
    other shows (with "Rome" being insanely expensive to make, and only drawing
    sub-Deadwood ratings), but HBO "owns" the other shows and figures they'll
    get their money back off DVDs and international rights and stuff like that.
    None of which they get off of "Deadwood" (which is the second-best-rated HBO
    Original Series behind "The Sopranos," and is not inexpensive in its own

    Out of spite and frustration over how HBO handled the situation, Milch
    refused HBO's request that he "close" the series with a special 2-hour movie
    or mini-series that they'd tag onto Season 3.

    That is all I know....

    Now, a wrestling columnist (and his brother) may not be the most legitimate of sources I realize, regardless of how established he is, but I figured it was worth mentioning anyway. Obviously this proves nothing, but it something to keep in mind. Coz I mean c'mon... a surfing noir?
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