Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2004 on HBO

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  • Is it because it is so raw?

    The passion i have for Deadwood is probably for all the same. The raw language, the unhidden nakedness of people and situations. Pioneers at their best. Petty, Greedy and Wrong. In all facets this view is so wrong that it is right.

    There was a statement that Spock made in Stat Trek "Is is a miracle that mankind made it this far". This series actually shows it.
    The way that the town is showm, filthy, muddy and unwashed. All this makes for a realistic past. How the dandy's, the ladies of ill repute and the sawbones came to be the people they are now.
    This episode shows the effects, fears and results of a plague in such a way that it is completely impossible not to fall in love with this series.
    The way that the cast plays their part is so unequal that every episode is a gem. Here in plague you get to realise what it took to get from those moments to the clean places we have now, and the strength of the Human body to live through this all.

    And i would add to that, the silent admiration we have for the pioneers that went through this all.
    For fortune, fame or just a good future. that step had to be taken, and HBO is showing a version that seems to be just to real.