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  • Really really really really good. I mean it

    I would make ad hominem attacks to the two previous but they have neither the Latin nor the sophistication to appreciate my insults or complex art. What is it about this show!? It riles up the moralizing gimps and confounds the thick witted philistines among us. I loved this show immediately with its raw veracity. Then the honeymoon faded. Did it placate to both my profane and sesquipadalion predilections simultaneously? I cast it aside as a used up whore. Overwritten? Wordy and ostentatious for the sake of people who see themselves clever? Maybe. But this is a gem. Bawdy. Profane. Tawdry. Elegant. Sublime. It is all. This is cinematic literature. One day it ought to be analyzed, disassembled, and reconstituted as we do Shakespeare today. It's that good. The gimps can't know that Milch used anachronistic profanity as device to inject the dialogue and gin up the gritty for purpose and effect. He only falls short with not serving lowbrow fodder to satiete groundlings. But nuance escapes the numbnut. Perhaps Milch should have gone slower, cleaner, and dumber-er. (Clean up the language. Please!). He could gain the mouthreaders vote, and sop up with wit what verbal diarrhea issues forth from their ignoramus orifices which they spew onto the web.
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