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  • mediocre

    I watched this show after seeing so many positive "reviews". So, i'm a little annoyed about being mislead after having just watched Season 1,2 and 3 ... in the span of a few days. This show is mediocre. It is nowhere, and i mean, nowhere near a 9 or a 10 for a half witted adult. The acting is generally sub-par. Lots of overacting and some outright terrible acting in scenes -- to the point that i have to actually fast forward various scenes. One of the main characters (sheriff) is horrible. Wow. I cringe when he talks -- his voice crackles, he over acts, he's angry for no reason in 99% of all his scenes. The story is actually not bad, but the writing doesn't deliver. The only good scenes are with the Gem Saloon owner and his cohorts. If it wasn't for them, the show would be pitiful. Various people were added to the story in seasons 2 and 3 that add no value to the story line.

    The horrible:

    - the priest character of season 1 was garbage

    - the widow Alma was utterly unwatchable throughout the entire season (wow, what garbage acting)

    - the Calamity Jane ... can't understand 50% of what she says, plus her acting is bad

    - the writers suck ... they make the characters talk like Shakespeare in one scene and like gutter rats in the next ... makes no sense, and makes it hard to understand. I feel i understand 70% at best of what is actually said -- the dialog is often a struggle to watch and decipher at times

    The good:

    - Al, the Gem Saloon owner. I would have stopped watching if he wasn't in it.

    - Wild Bill, maybe he left the show so early because he couldn't take the bad acting either.

    I could go on, but there's no point. The show rates between a a 6 and 7. People voting this to a 9 or 10 are the same people that think Olive Garden serves delicious Italian food.