Season 3 Episode 12

Tell Him Something Pretty

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 27, 2006 on HBO



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    • Cy Tolliver: Go ahead now Janine and finish your latin lessons and your greek. The thirst this girl has for knowledge, she barely has time to suck a pr**k.

    • George Hearst: I expect your practice includes whores.
      Doc Cochran: And worse.

    • Aunt Lou: You gonna vote for Mr. Bullock, now.
      Richardson: Even though he beat Mr. Farnum, 'cause he took you-know-who by his ear?
      Aunt Lou: Like some others ain't brave enough to do.
      Richardson: Anyway, Harry Manning gives me splinters.
      Aunt Lou: How's he do that, child?
      Richardson: Raisin' the windows after he's et.
      Aunt Lou: Richardson... Richardson, you right about that. South had that man's gas to load in they cannons, shoot... Wouldn't be no free ******* nowhere.
      Richardson: Noah hisself woulda throwed him out the boat.

    • Johnny: (About Jen) She ain't stole, or been quarrelsome, or set the beddin' afire-
      Al: Get outta my ******' way, Johnny.
      Johnny: It ain't fair to ******' kill her.
      Al: Since when did that begin enterin' in?

    • Charlie Utter: I'm the guy that the next time you see me you'd better take a different ******' tone with.
      George Hearst: Given what's in store, I'm not sure I'll ever learn what price I'd have paid for not complyin'.
      Charlie Utter: Oh, I guess someone lookin' hard might could find you in there somewheres, peekin' from under the covers to make a ******' threat.

    • Leon: What the **** did you do to me, sir?
      Tolliver: I believe I ******* stabbed you.

    • Johnny: (Staring at a wall) What is this, Jen?
      Jen: A wall?
      Johnny: On the surface, yes, it is. But inside, many creatures go about their lives, such as ants. They got a whole operation going. They got soldier ants and worker ants and whore ants to fuck the soldiers and the workers, right inside that wall, baby ants. Everyone's got a task to hew to, Jen. You understand me? (Jen nods)

    • Sol: (To Trixie who is putting on her boots) What are you doing?
      Trixie: Going for a stroll to the polls. One vote for Star buys a hand job. Repeaters get a suck.

    • Con: I've got "Stay The **** Out" written on a stone tablet in my bedroom.

    • George Hearst: I've stopped reading your paper, Merrick. I'll have my people here start another one - to lie the other way.

    • Al: We show united in the prelude, when he's making his entrance and the ******' like. Comes to viewing the body, I stand for virtue alone. The deception failing, I'll make a pass at him with my blade. In the aftermath, play the lie as mine, knowing I speak of you in Heaven. Others owe thought to the future - that thinking straightforward don't come that naturally to.

    • Seth Bullock: Can't shut up! Every bully I ever met can't shut his ******* mouth. Except when he's afraid.
      George Hearst: You mistake for fear, Mr. Bullock, what is in fact preoccupation. I'm having a conversation you cannot hear.

    • Silas: When he ain't lying, Al's the most honorable man you'll ever meet.

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