Deal or No Deal (Australia)

Weekdays 5:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered May 01, 2003 In Season


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  • It's a good show, but i think it's had it's time.

    I really do like Deal or No Deal, i think it has a good format, but i'm starting to think after 10 years being on the air it needs to be cancelled. I think it's had it's time and another new,fresh show can take it's place.
  • Deal or No Deal? You Decide! Make The Bank Pay!

    Deal or No Deal is hosted by Australia's own Andrew O'Keeffe. The show runs on a probability that a contestant chosen to play the Deal's chosen briefcase contains $200,000. The contestant may not have $200K in their briefcase but as the contestant choses briefcase from the remaining briefcases on the podium, the possibility that he or she does narrows. The odds grow in favour of the contestant's chosen case. The closer a contestant gets to the high amounts, the higher the bank will bid for the contestant's briefcase. The more higher amount briefcases the contestant knocks out, the bank offer will fall. The contestant must choose to DEAL before the bank offer drops too low.
  • It's an interesting show that I would watch from time to time

    I’ve watched this show for quite a while now, and I’ll watch It from time to time.

    Overall It is quite interesting and addictive, but when I first saw it about two years ago, I just didn’t understand the rules so It made me quite frustrated for a time, But it is a good show and now that I get how the game is played I can enjoy it. It is like any other quiz show; good some nights and maybe not as much interesting on the other nights. On the really good episodes, you’ll be put in huge suspense while watching the contestant trying to pick the right briefcases to win the big money. It is a really interesting show that I’ll watch then again.
    Another awesome quiz show that I really enjoyed was “Who wants to be a millionaire” (normal version), that show is the best In my opinion but “Deal or no deal” (AUS) is a good show all around that is well worth watching!
  • Why would anyone watch this piece of garbage.

    I have watched this show about 10 times just to try to get into it but because of its rubbish host and even lamer contestants I now watch the fantastic Bert's Family Feud. The whole contestant picking format is stupid because it has nothing to do with the game at all. The briefcase part is even worse as you go through every single boring case to see what is inside of it and with Andrew O'Keefe's constant commentary of the show is frustrating. The best part about this absolutely appalling show is the decision between $200,000 and $10,000; they go for it and get the $10,000. This the part which gave its score of 1. This show is a load of rubbish.
  • This show is basically about picking one case out of the twenty cases and only one case has one million dollars and picking out the lowest prices will raise your bargain price from the dealer who wants to buy the suitcase from you.

    I love this show. It\\\'s interesting and it really has an aspect of if people are greedy or not. It\\\'s really intense when the dealer gets you a good price and you wondering if you should deal or not because you want to get the million dollars. Then you have your family and friends and the audience trying to persuade you to deal or not. It\\\'s a really good show. It\\\'s better than Who wants to be a millionaire and all those other game shows where you win money. This show will definitely be everybody\\\'s favorite.
  • Liking the show, what a great way to gamble, and have everyone shouting no deal, want to become a contestant.

    I did not understand the game when I first watched, I really enjoy the gamble and my son love the ladies of the game show, he replied to me, \"mom you should try to be one of the ladies on the show\" I said as a contestant or as one of the ladies that holds the briefcase, of course the ladies that holds the briefcase. I only want to play the game and win lots of money. I am trying to find out how I can become a contestant, it will be one of my dreams come true.
  • crazy

    this is like the best game show ever, its cool because the whole game you could win big, not like other shows where you have to build up the money that win, also the girls they have opening the brief cases are so hot this show is the best and should be on every day of the week
  • A show thats truly a long time in coming. No hidden agendas, no ones strategy but your own.

    I\'ve been a fan of the show since day one. It really brings out the passion in people who ordinarily would careless about going for the gusto, they\'d take $100 from you off the street if you offered it. Someone offers me $5000 and I have 16 cases to go and the millions gone...... Hellooooo I\'m cashing the check before the ink dries. This show has brought back the shows of old but have brought a new generation of wathchers into the fold. Families are cheering along with the audience again. This show will run for quite some time...... Great concept, great host, great contestants , equals a hit show.
  • i love to watch this show and would love to have the chance to get on this show someday

    this show would be great to watch every day of the week because if i could i would watch this show every day i love this show alot and my wife said that this show is mind bogoling but she also loves to watch this show as well and she would like to get on this show to

    Please do not stop this show!!! my son is six and he also enjoys watching. I wish you could go on line to vote for the secrete case because i do not have text messaging on my phone.I would like this show to continue it is very exciting!!!
    Thank You, Tammy
  • Deal Or No Deal

    This show is soo funny. Last nite when I saw it with the first lady with her church choir she has me cracking up. They should play this show every week instead of juss 1 week in a random time. I love love love love this show. who ever hasn\'t seen it I say sit down this week and watch. I Know I will!!!
  • Hello I watch the show and I like it very, very much it looks like easy money to me. Hpoefully I will get my chance oneday on DEAL NO DEAL. I love it Can\'t wait for it to come to NBC 13. Marylander

    Hello I watch the show and I like it very, very much it looks like easy money to me. Hpoefully I will get my chance oneday on DEAL NO DEAL. I love it Can\'t wait for it to come to NBC 13. I will watch ever show that comes on.
  • This was the best game show I\'ve seen since Price is Right and Wheel or Fortune

    Deal or No Deal kept me on the edge of my seat every night it was on. I forgot that I was not a contestant and was only watching the show from home. I was so nervous, with sweaty palms, that you would have thought I was a family member. If I had been a family member I\'m sure I would have encouraged them on more than one occasion to settle for an early offer rather than holding out. I would not want to go home empty handed. We need more family programs with clean language and this was an excellent choice. It provides good entertainment and clean fun for the entire family.