Deal or No Deal (UK)

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Deal or No Deal (UK)

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22 Contestants take it in turn (one per episode) to play for up to £250,000. Each of the contestants picks a box before the show starts. When the show begins, whoever is chosen to play opens random boxes that contain certain amounts of money ranging from a penny to the top prize of £250,000. Whatever amount is revealed is then taken off the game board. At regular intervals, the banker phones the contestant and offers to buy the box for a certain amount of money. The offers from the banker depend on how much money is left on the game board. The banker phones after the fifth box is opened and every third box thereafter. If the contestant does not deal at any time then he or she has to open the box that the banker was attempting to buy, and whatever is in the box is what the contestant takes home.

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AIRED ON 1/30/2011

Season 6 : Episode 139

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  • Nani's "Warrior Of Light" speech on Deal Or No Deal On Channel 4

    Hello My Name is Frank Hogan can ANYONE give me Nani's "Warrior Of Light" speech on Deal Or No Deal on Channel 4 Please.
  • Absolutely the worst show game show around.

    A game of complete luck that the host(Noel Edmonds) does his best to convince you is a game of real skill.At the start of each show each player is giving a random box with a number indicating the value of the box ranging from 1p up to 250,000 pounds.One player is then chosen at random to pick out out boxes of low value so that they can get a good offer from the "Banker".By this point you may be starting to understand my point of view that its a game of complete chance.To make matters worse it the fact that all the players think there physic with comments like "I have good feeling about this box" or "I knew all along that i had that".All in all a terrible experience to sit through.moreless
  • Ultimately, Deal Or No Deal is one of these shows that you will be addicted to one week and couldn't care less about the next.

    Deal Or No Deal is a hugely successful game show that involves twenty-contestants, twenty-two boxes, twenty-two different sums of money and only one question... "Deal or No Deal ?".

    All of the contestants pick a random box before the show begins and each box contains one of the twenty-two sums of money ranging from 1p to £250,000. All of the amounts of money are randomly put into the boxes by the independent adjudicator who is the only person who knows where the money is.

    A contestant is randomly chosen each show to play the game and they must pick boxes to open. When an amount of money is revealed, it is removed from the game. After each round, the banker makes an offer to the contestant and the contestant decides to carry on ("No Deal") or to accept the offer ("Deal"). The main aim of the game is to make the right deal at the right time or to carry on to the very end of the game and to reveal the amount of money in your box and hopefully beat the banker.

    Deal Or No Deal is a cleverly crafted game show that will definitely keep you on your toes at times by not knowing what will happen next. However, the show always has the same concept (besides special occasions such as anniversaries of the show) everyday and this can become old very quickly causing you to lose interest in the show. I will find myself totally addicted to this show one day, but I will be bored of the show the next day. Overall, Deal Or No Deal is an enjoyable and interesting show that can be very intense at times and it's a show that is worth watching every now and then.moreless
  • Deal or No Deal is so overly hyped, the momment I watched over twenty episodes I realised how dull, pointless, and repetive this show is. Its just a huge waste of time, not only for its contestants but for the braindead viewersmoreless

    "What a load of old sh*t", as qouted by Catherine Tate on the comic relief special, I doubt Catherine Tate realised how relevant that catchphrase is to this show. So heres the laydown, 22 identical boxes, sealed by an independant iducater, one contestant steps up every show with a box, they pick box after box and reveal amounts of money ranging from 1p to 250 grand, dependant on whats left a banker will ring and make an offer. They can than choose to deal or no deal, deal will get them whatever the banker offered, and no deal won't. If the player plays to the end he wins whatever is in his box, if you deal you go through a pointless affair and constant "Oh you could have won twice as much as the banker offered you" or "You've screwed the banker over, because theres a penny in your box".

    So lets start with that, the show is so simple a monkey could play it, and the whole thing is a completly random afair with just luck in play not skill. My biggest question is this, how can a show, were people open boxes for 45 minutes be remotley intresting? It isn't. Especially when the contestant has dealt and the show carrys on relentlesley for a further 30 minutes, just to throw donkey crap in poor John Smiths face for being a coward who threw away an oppturnity to win a great sum of money. I mean why not just quit, walk away after you've dealt? I'm all for humilation and laughing at people for being down right stupid, but not like this. Whatever happened to good old family gameshows, or shows that tested you mentaly (With questions) or physically, this reailty gameshow fad is annoying to say the least.

    So why give it four points you ask? Gameshows are fifty percent game, fifty percent host and Noel Edmonds is a good presenter, or at least was, and not paying my respect to him would almost be a crime. The guy has always been entertaining and deserves credit for a big comeback, its such a shame however that his pointless rambling through out the show almost makes you forget what a great tv personailty he is. So despite a few complaints, he totatly deserves the four points, regradless of the crappy gameshow. And the rest. The banker is someone you never see or hear, you just know theres a black phone that rings after so many boxes have been opened, who knows if he really exsists and it all isn't just a big scam. The time spent with the banker is spread out to far for it to stay entertaining, and the editing for the momment they say deal or no deal, is pointlessly long.

    In the words of Jim Royle, Deal Or No Deal My Arse!moreless
  • An on going show which is compulsive viewing

    A very simple format 22 players 22 boxes with 22 different amounts of money in them ranging form 1p to two hundred and fifty thousand pounds.

    six days a week the show picks a different contestant and starting with opening five boxes before the banker offers an amount for the player to deal or no deal.

    the player will then choose a further three boxes before the banker offers a new deal and so it continues in multiples of three boxes until they are down to two boxes left and the bankers last deal, this continues even if they have dealt!

    The last box is opened and the player wins the amount in the final box, unless they have dealt with one of the bankers offers

    In many cases the player will deal at the wrong time but that is appeal of the show. So far there has been 9 people who won the 1p but only one has had the courage to win the £250,000moreless
  • 10:00 pm