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Deal or No Deal

NBC (ended 2009)



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Deal or No Deal

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NBC brings the high stakes international hit game show Deal or No Deal to American audiences. Actor-comedian Howie Mandel hosts the exciting game of odds and chance.
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Fan Reviews (251)

  • It's not a really bad show. It's very simple and lots of people can watch it.

    This show is actually great! I like how the person tries to choose the case that has at least $1,000,000 ( Sometimes 500,000 dollars.)Then they choose a case to try to avoid choosing the cases with the highest amounts in the game. After that, the banker ( hes fine ) calls and tells Howie an offer and they have to choose deal or no deal. Seems pretty simple and fun! I think this show can be alright for anyone. Once on a episode this person only had a penny in her case and went home with it! And something else to say.......... Its all about skill and luck like in a casino! This is my review on Deal Or No Deal. Bye!moreless
  • Only special if someone wins million dollars

    Many episodes are really cool. If i was on this show, i would keep playing if i got a million dollars. It is speacial only to million dollar winners. It could be very shocking. This show is one of the best game shows. I recommend bunch of them
  • Whats the point

    Seriously do people like watching other people win money? because if they do then they live sad unfulfilled lives. Not to mention the fact that all the money you "make" half of it gets payed to the IRS. I watched a few minutes before Heroes was on and i had to turn off the channel. The host really bugs me and watching people open suitcases is so climatic. This is just junk, and it shouldn't have any following and the people that review it should all make fun of it. Not to mention this horrible abomination of mankind should be locked in the "canceled four years ago, and thank god its never going on DVD section" its right next to the very popular, "Jump the shark" and "Bad Spin off" sections i don't think you can miss itmoreless
  • A simple game show!

    The banker makes you offers, and you, the contestant under pressure, have a decision whether to take his deal or attempt to make as much money as you can, or leave with no penny in sight. This show has GREAT graphics, good contestants, I like Howie (and so do many), and it's so simplified to win money for the nerve -full contestants. Great hosting. Engaging and energetic!
  • This is a good Game Show, but I don't think its the best.

    OK I think this is a good game show ,but its not the best on GSN. Now at school they're a lot of people that say the Deal or No Deal is the best Game show n GSN now I like it but I don't think its the best there is. Now I think this show can gets boring I mean i've only seen 1 person win $1,000,000 and that's it. And it was a million dollar mission. Now the new ones are the best. The old ones are boring because they never win the million a single game, they chicken out now I used to think that they had a chance but after a season if it was a Regular game I just changed the channel. OK now we all know how the play this show, you pick a case to start the game out and you hope it has $1,000,000. But if it's a regular game they fail. Now the "models" hold the cases and I don't even think the model are hot. Now i think its a good show but it gets boring after a while. So if you have some time and its not a regular game watch it. SO Deal or no deal is a good show on GSN. Overall 8/10.moreless

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