Deal or No Deal

Season 4 Episode 1

Episode 401

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 25, 2008 on NBC
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Episode 401
Season 4 begins with the Million Dollar Mission once again. Starting tonight there will be 4 million dollar cases. Each time there is not a winner another million dollar case will be added.
Contestant: Koshka Blagburn of Glenarden, Maryland

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  • 50/50 for the million...

    Koshka Blagburn began the third edition of the Million Dollar Million with four of the million dollar cases because this is the season opener for Season 4. With eight cases left, Koshka still had one of the million cases remaining in play. Koshka turned down the $155K bank offer with five cases left, but opened the 200K safety net, leaving 10K as the next highest amount. But if Koshka played to the end, she would win a Broadway musical package. Koshka turned down the $530,000 bank offer with two cases left and won what her case had ($5K) plus the Broadway package. The other case had the million.moreless
  • You couldn't ask for a better episode to start off the new season. And words can not describe how great this episode was.

    This episode was absolutely great! And it was a great way to start off the new season of this awesome show. This contestant was right about everyone never going all the way, and I'm glad she had the guts to go that far, even if she didn't end up with that much. It took a lot to for her to reach the end and get her dream come true, especially turning down $530,000, but I admire her confidence to not give up. She truly deserved to have her dream come true and go on Broadway, so I'm so glad Deal Or No Deal could give her that. I honestly believe that she was the greatest contestant that they have ever had on the show. I just hope that the next episode can be as great as this. And I can't wait to see the episode where they finally win the million.moreless
  • Deal or No Deal continues to sink to new lows. This show needs to be put to rest.

    This episode was about as fake as the model's wigs. My first complaint is why do you start with 4 one million dollar cases with a new million dollar mission as they call them. If you are going to start with 4 instead of 2 you better have a good reason other than a cheap stunt.

    Another complaint is why do you tell people during the middle of the show what the final 2 cases are going to be. It ruins the suspense of what range she will wind up winning.

    But the really serious problem I had with this episode is that there was NO real risk or jeopardy of the woman going home with nothing. She was guaranteed a walk on role in Hairspray and an audition. All she had to do was go all the way. To a contestant like her this was worth more than the million. Even worse she had to actually "think" what she was going to take: the money OR the money AND the Hairspray role. Very pathetic episode overall.

    One more thing to think about if you think I am being unfair or you think I am just completely overreacting to what is one of the most popular game shows in the last few years. All of the contestants before her never got this kind of sure offer. Why should she be the exception. It is not fair to other contestants before her who actually had "to play" to win a prize.moreless
  • Well, Season 4 is here.. We all had mixed expectations. You all may have mixed reviews of this, but I feel this was right. Challenged by the Banker to forsake the conservative attitude, Koshka obliges even in the face of $530,000...But it's not all money.moreless

    We start out the season with slight disappointment at the change of music, but renewed enthusiasm when we find that Howie isn't piddling around anymore. The flow of the show is massively improved, and without it, this show wouldn't have such a high score. However, it is also the one little thing that stops it from being perfect.

    Koshka is given a bunch of lyrics to sing with her Broadway pipes, which tell her that there are four $1,000,000 cases on the board. She resolves to go all the way, and does well for a while, but with only four millions, they can't last very long. Only one remains before too long, and the Banker issues a challenge: go all the way, as she has advertised so far, and get a trip to Broadway along with other priceless froufrou. The game simply gets up and never looks back: The supporters finally agree with her! Bye $171,000 and $286,000!

    Now, only $5,000 and the last million remain in the game. As soon as we hear $530,000 from Howie, the attitude totally reverses. "You could buy a trip to Broadway with that!" True, but not all of it. Being torn between otherwise walking money ($41,000 in favor of stopping) and Broadway combined with a 50-50 chance of winning a million on top of that, Koshka finally cracks..

    ...her senses, and closes the box. Whether you think she cracked bad sense or good sense is up to you to hold that opinion. Although we are treated to seeing someone actually go for the $1,000,000, it is strangely the most vacuous moment of the show: I just know she isn't going to be happy...and she isn't. Just not right now. Though she does have $5,000 and a potentially lucrative chance..

    Let the greedy labels fall, but you don't know yet whether this was the best decision. There is no predicting what will happen from here on out. I'll pray for Koshka, because I don't want to let this grand sacrifice go to waste. Even 525,000 extra dollars can't replace a possible career on Broadway. And she looks to be a star.

    This episode loses points only because of the rather predictable final reveal and that this dare was what was necessary to get them to go for it. However, this show is unlike any other ever seen, and it will stay that way. Even the $1M win which should be in the next show won't touch this.moreless

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    • The models come onstage during their introduction to new music this season.

    • Koshka Blagburn began the third attempt at the Million Dollar Mission with four of the million dollar cases because this is the Season Four Premiere episode. The models all wore wigs.

      The Biggest Loser trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper came onstage and
      offered Koshka Blagburn the following: a personal library of The Biggest Loser DVDs and books, a personal training session with Jillian, a one-year membership with The Biggest Loser meal plan (three meals a day for a year), and a lifetime membership with The Biggest Loser online club. The package was worth $17,500 plus $95,000 in cash. Koshka declined the $112,500 bank offer.

      Koshka Blagburn briefly had a phone chat with singer Aretha Franklin.

      Broadway casting director Bernard Telsey appeared on video and made the following offer to Koshka Blagburn: a trip to New York City, a private audition with Bernard for an upcoming musical, and a walk-on role on the Broadway musical Hairspray. To accept this offer (worth $7000), Koshka must play all the way to the end of her game.

      Koshka Blagburn declined the $530,000 bank offer with two cases left. Koshka won what her case had ($5,000) along with the Broadway musical package. The other case had the million.